COD Warzone’s Heartbeat sensor bug is still in the game

Call of Duty Warzone has been crippled with bugs ever since its official release. Even after a few major updates, the Heartbeat sensor is still as buggy as day one. Meanwhile, a new Heartbeat sensor bug just appeared out of nowhere.

Warzone loadouts are incomplete without the presence of a Heartbeat sensor. It is one of the most commonly used radar equipment among Warzone players. Since the release of Warzone, players encountered several game-breaking bugs with the heartbeat sensor. This new Heartbeat sensor bugs literally demotivated some players into uninstalling the game completely.

Season 5 introduced so many features and from the outside, it looked like the Heartbeat sensor was finally fixed. But to the player’s dismay, the faulty sensor is back. This time the Heartbeat sensor is packing even more annoying bugs. Not detecting a player properly through the sensor is one thing but how about you dying as soon as you equip it?

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The new Heartbeat Bug:

A few days ago a similar situation happened to a player called “Dwarf“. In both situations only 3 days apart, we can spot the same thing! No bullets, no gadgets, no weird explosives, just an instant death as soon as they equipped the heartbeat sensor. Well, that’s how much buggy the Heartbeat sensor is right now.

Here is another user “Chieffelix472” who faced the similar issue.

heartbeat sensor bug warzone
Screen grab via r/CODWarzone

After the release of Season 5, we talked about some serious bugs getting fixed. While developers are also busy fighting the hackers, heartbeat sensor bugs remain at large. No official update confirmed the presence of the bug yet. The last update from Activision Support took place 2 weeks ago. It is unclear why these Heartbeat sensor bugs are getting ignored like this. Hence the players are waiting for a proper fix at the moment.

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