COD Warzone watches are supposedly revealing player locations

Several reports from Warzone players confirmed that certain Cosmetic items might be giving up concealed positions to opponents.

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Warzone is all about the survival of the fittest. A squad can’t gain the upper hand in a dire situation without implementing non-conventional tactics. Sometimes Warzone players pick the cheekiest way to neutralize a threat. Warzone Season Six totally transformed the game; however, some elements in the game still require some rework.

Issues with Strange Magic & Time of the Season 

Redditor Khurlauss demonstrated the downside of wearing these watches. In his video, Khurlauss could spot his enemies through the mid walls in Gulag. During the 1v1 session, he could spot a glow coming out from his opponent’s watch. The split-second glow was enough for the Redditor to identify and eliminate his enemy.

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Urban areas in Verdansk provides Warzone players with the opportunity to test their CQB (Close-Quarter Combat) skills. Despite having superior CQB skills and experience, using these watches could alter the outcome of the battle. No official accounts stated anything about this issue, so a quick fix from Infinity Ward might not be coming soon.

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