COD Warzone Streammer Wagnifficent is about to legally challenge Activision following his “False ban”

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Activision

Rising Warzone Streamer Nick “Wagnificent” Wagner is pursuing legal options against Activision as his streaming career is at stake.

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During late September, Activision unleashed a ban wave that specifically targeted “EngineOwning” cheat users. More than 20,000 Warzone players were affected by the ban wave. Among the 20,000, Wagnificent also received a ban which is according to him a “ False Ban”. Wagnificent has been struggling to prove his innocence ever since.

After a month of regular streaming, Wagnificent now believes that the ongoing ban is harming his reputation. With immense concern about his Twitch career, Nick is considering to take serious legal actions against Activision. 

In a supposedly deleted Tweet, Wagnifficent stated his stand against Activision.  

Image Credit: Dexerto

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Wagnifficent’s case is truly controversial since Activsion is yet to reveal anything about his ban. Activision’s silence about this issue is virtually contributing nothing. Following the ban wave, Nick has been demanding clarifications from the organization. Nevertheless, it’s clear that a lawsuit would be the last resort for Nick as his primary approaches received no meaningful feedback. 

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