CoD Warzone Season 6: release date, weapons, and more

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Image Via: Activision

Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 trailer confirms Activision’s huge plans for the game.

Warzone Season 6 is going to bring a lot of new content for the players including new operators, weapons, map changes, and more. It has not been long since the release of Warzone Season 5 but Activision is speeding up the Season 6 release.

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Warzone Season 6 Release Schedule

If everything goes right then September 29 is the expected release date for Warzone Season 6. However, the size of the update is still unknown but it might appear on typical update timespans. Additionally, no official confirmation has been given about when the update will go live.

Besides that, the only close to the official source that can validate the expected Season 6 release time is Call of Duty League’s Minnesota Rokkr. Recently they announced this 100k Call of Duty Tournament with some glimpses of Season 6’s appearance in it.

Warzone Night Mode coming with Season 6?

Players have been expecting a night mode update for about months now. Warzone Night Mode can drastically change the current Warzone scene. Call of Duty community has been low-key demanding a nightmode. Leaks and rumors suggested that the mode would be called “Nightfall“.

Warzone Season 6 Operators and Weapons

About a month ago, a Facebook page released a video of AS-VAL being tested in Warzone. The season 6 update will also feature Farah and Nikolai as the new Operators. Besides AS-VAL, all other rumored weapons have no visual proof of existence.

Map changes in Warzone Season 6

In Season 6, the new underground subway section of the map will open up for the players. Furthermore, in the reveal trailer, Farah and Nikolai had been seen fighting with some mercenaries/regular troops in the subway of Verdansk.

The introduction of the moving train in Season 5 brought new aspects to Warzone gameplay, moreover, it is very likely that the train will make its way to the subway as well.

Verdansk Subway
Image Via: Activision

Undoubtedly, Warzone Season 6 will bring some much-needed changes which will contribute to the community. Players are also expecting smaller update sizes, quick bug fixes, and anti-cheat improvements from the upcoming update too.

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