COD Warzone players aren’t too happy with the presence of “Juggernaut” in-game

The presence of Juggernaut in Warzone is building up hectic debates among players. According to the Call of Duty community, the presence of Juggernaut in Warzone is questionable. 

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Activision’s expedition into the Battle Royale genre has been distinct and exclusive. Apart from Black Ops 4’s “Blackout” game-mode, Warzone illustrated the possibility of a flexible Battle Royale game.

The “Juggernaut” Issue in Warzone:

Warzone SOLOs are designed to challenge players with a rigid environment. Surrounded by other battle-hardened players in Verdansk, it’s already difficult to survive in SOLOs. Furthermore, being in the vicinity of a Juggernaut makes it more burdensome for players. A typical Juggernaut packs heavy armor and weaponry which makes it extremely hard to eliminate. 

Compared to the threat, players have little or no countermeasure to defend themselves against such an enemy. In this particular case, Redditors are actively seeking out a solution to deal with the Juggernaut issue. Warzone player and Redditor b1320 highlighted the problem in his recent post. 

To settle the ongoing dispute among players, seasoned veterans in the community suggested nerfing the Juggernaut. In contrast, struggling warzone players are demanding the removal of Juggernaut from the game. Despite the threat, crafty Warzone players pointed out that the Juggernaut is slow, heavy, and easier to kill from long distances.

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Warzone Season Six implemented several modifications to improve the quality of life in the game. Since the release of Warzone, Activision had a tiresome battle against cheaters, exploiters, and bugs. However, Activision always responded to strong community feedback with quick updates. So it’s safe to assume an official statement from Activision regarding this controversy at any time now.

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