COD Warzone players are concerned about the DMR 14’s popularity

Warzone players are complaining about DMR 14’s critical influence on the game.

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Following the integration of Black Ops Cold War & Warzone a few weeks ago, Warzone players got access to basically all BOCW weapons. Out of all the newly added guns, the DMR 14 is particularly getting the most attention from Warzone players. For obvious reasons, top streamers & content creators also yielding their opinions about the DMR 14. 

The DMR 14 is a semi-automatic rifle that features high accuracy, low recoil & flexibility. Even the admirers of DMR 14 are also concerned about the gun’s overpowered features. According to the Call of Duty Community, the worst part about the rifle is, it doesn’t have a noticeable downside. It’s important to realize how this gun has transformed the Warzone meta within a week. 

Popular figures in the community have been raising their voices over this issue. Celebrity streamer & content creator Dr. Disrespect said, “I’d rather watch Drone racing on ESPN 9.” Here, the Doc is also referring to other weapons like MAC-10. Due to the gun’s overwhelming presence in Verdansk, some players are sarcastically calling out Warzone as “DMRZone.”

The DMR 14 has multipurpose applications, and the weapon’s learning curve isn’t steep either. Skilled Warzone players are already mastering the rifle’s characteristics. Meanwhile, regular players are definitely not comfortable with the present condition of the Warzone. Apart from this new phenomenon, some ongoing issues about the game are undoubtedly turning down many players.

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It’s apparent how the new meta is rapidly changing Warzone’s existing environment. Activision’s silence about the subject further reduces any possibilities of a nerf in the upcoming weeks.

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