COD Warzone Patch 1.28 will come with a game-mode flexibility option to free up space

Infinity Ward is currently rolling out a patch for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone.

This patch includes several storage optimization options across all platforms. Patch 1.28 will allow players to remove specific game modes from Warzone to save up storage.

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Besides the new game mode uninstall option, some minor bugs are also expected to get fixed. PS4 players are already able to pre-load the Patch 1.28 file. On consoles, this update should require 10GB of space. Since the release of Warzone Season 6, no major update has been dropped so far. After massive criticism from the community about Warzone’s file size, Activision is finally considering to provide a flexible caching option for Modern Warfare and Warzone players.

Further content of the Patch is still not available. For now, Patch 1.28 is not going to introduce Warzone players to any huge map modifications. However, according to leaks and rumors from the enthusiast Call of Duty community, the upcoming Halloween event might come with a night mode. Additionally, Verdansk may get a visit from the Zombies to spice up the event.

The exact motivation behind this patch is unclear but it’s being assumed that Activision is plotting a course ahead for the upcoming Black Ops Cold War. With less storage consumed by Warzone, a player is most likely to install Black Ops Cold War on the same device. Given the new game mode flexibility option, Warzone is set to gain a huge amount of players who previously ditched the title due to its massive size.  

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