How To Unlock All Operators in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

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Activision’s latest Call of Duty game is out now.

Like every Call of Duty game, this one also has characters you will play with during the campaign. Each of the characters in Vanguard has its own origin story, which you will go through in the campaign. In fact, you can play these characters in multiplayer mode, too, if you fancy it.

However, players cannot select a character from the word get-go; you will have to unlock these characters to play as them. So we have made a complete guide on how you can unlock all the operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Unlock all the Operators in Call of Duty: Vanguard

There are 12 unlockable Operators in Vanguard at launch, which you can use to play in the Multiplayer mode. They have a different look and backstory, although they act like different skins when you use them in Warzone or Multiplayer mode. To unlock each Operator, you will need to do a certain task. We have mentioned each Operator and the task you will need to do to unlock them below:

SOTF 2 “Hellhounds” Operators

There are four different classes consisting of three unique operators. The Hellbounds class includes Daniel, Wade, and Halima. To unlock Daniel, you will need to get 200 Marksman Rifle Kills. Similarly, to unlock Wade, you will need to connect 100 headshots. As for Halima, players will need to perform 50 prone kills.




SOTF 3 Sentinel Operators

Moving on to Sentinel Operators, they include Constanze Muller, Arthur Kingsley, and Padmavati Balan. To unlock Constanze, you will need to perform 300 LMG kills, and for Aurthur, you will pull off ten kills with killstreaks. Lastly, for Padmavati, you will need to get 200 Shotgun kills.




SOTF 4 Barbarians Operators

As we get to the 3rd class of Operators, Roland Zeimet, Lucas Riggs, and Beatrice Mercier join the party. For Roland, you will need to call 300 AR kills, and for Lucas, players will have to make 100 hipfire kills. And to add the final Operator in this class, fans will have to get five kills without dying ten times.




SOTF 5 Shadow Operators

The last list of Operators include Shigenori Ota, Polina Petrova and Solange Hardewijk. For Shigenori, you will need to perform 25 finishing moves, and for Polina, you will need to get your sharpshooting skills back on track to reach 200 sniper skills. Furthermore, all you have to do is get ten double kills for the final character Solange.




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