CoD MW 2: How To Fix Unable To Change Class Multiplayer Bug

Learn how to fix the Unable to Change Class Multiplayer Bug in Cod MW 2.

After a pretty long haul, Modern Warfare 2 came with; what’s more like an action-packed scene directly coming out from Michael Bay’s new installment. The improvement is palpable, and the work behind the scene is quite-unimaginable. The rock-solid gameplay is, however, all we need after a long day.

Now, come to think that after you deal with the HR bug, you might have another bug to deal with in CoD MW 2. And that is the Unable to Change Class error in MW 2. Have to say, there have been a lot of issues with this installment, and pretty much, the mood is getting downwards already.

However, every problem must come with a solution. And we have just the solution you need for this error. Hop in!

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What is Unable to Change Class Bug in MW 2?

One of the most overbearing issues is that the game doesn’t allow you to customize or change your weapon class during a match. Moreover, this issue can sometimes be even spread even before a match begins. On top of that, your arsenal may not also work.

However, there aren’t any permanent solutions yet. But we do have something in our stash just to overcome the situation until the sun rises. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Fix this Bug in CoD MW 2?

Even if the fix is temporary, you can breathe off a little bit, at least for now. Let’s check out the steps below:

  • Close MW 2 and Restart.
  • Launch MW 2 as Administrator.
  • Reboot the Console or PC.
  • Check out your internet connection. Make sure your broadband is stable.
  • Update MW 2 to the latest patch.
  • Update to the latest software version of your Console.
  • Or, Update all the drivers of your PC.
  • On PC, check out if your firewall blocked any part of the application.
  • Verify game file integrity

Launch Steam. Tap on CoD MW 2 installation and go to the Properties. Then head to Local Files and then Verify the Integrity of Game Files. Steam will do the rest.
For Launcher, launch the client. Tap the cogwheel-shaped icon that will be next to the Play button. Now, select Scan & Repair from the drop-down section. Hit Begin Scan and wait.

  • Check your Profile Rank

Your profile still may not have all the requirements to get access to the class system. As this is a default setting, you might have to wait till you reach the milestone.

Hope the steps above can come to any solution for the Unable to Change Class Bug in CoD MW 2. Cheers!

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