CoD MW 2: How To Fix Friend Request Error

Learn how you can fix the Friend Request Error in Cod MW 2.

A more action-packed CoD is always an expectation. With that high expectation, Activision decided to release the CoD MW 2 that looks like something of an idea of Micheal Bay. The storyline, the gameplay, the sound design, everything is up to a point. As the bar was too high for being a successful first-person shooter, MW 2 has shown us the commitment they hold for their life.

Now to talk about the bugs and errors, CoD MW 2 is a newly developed game in the market. With that saying, there had to be full of bugs and other issues. However, it was pretty unusual to face numerous reports. On top of that, Friend Request Error is another on the list in MW 2.

However, I would suggest you hold on for a couple of moments to get the solution behind this error in Modern Warfare 2.

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What is Friend Request Error?

Simply, you cannot send your buddy a buddy request on CoD Modern Warfare 2, which is why you are here. While inviting or joining on a co-op mission, the game restricts you from joining. Even though this bug is on a small scale yet, who knows where the tide will change to?

How to Fix this Error?

Below are the Power Moves that we have come up with to get rid of the Friend Request Error in MW 2:

  • Close MW 2 and Launch as Administrator.
  • Get your mobile. Download the Call of Duty Companion app.
  • Install and then launch.
  • Go to the settings and tap on Account & Network Settings.
  • From there, choose the Activision account.
  • Now, log in

You will see all your friends now. All you need to do is ask them to send you a friend request invite over to the game. That will do it. Now, you will see the friend request option is functional.

Hope the steps above did your job for the Friend Request Error in CoD MW 2. Cheers!

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