CoD MW 2: How to Fix Dev Error 356

Learn how you can fix Dev Error 356 in CoD MW 2.

The new action-packed Modern Warfare 2 of 2022 has a rock-solid gameplay, the gun-packs, and especially the gun-packs. Activision sure know what and how to come up with something, and that something is the sequel of the characters that you’ve loved since you were a kid.

Let’s talk about what lies in the dark side of the Moon. Devs did their utter best to release the game soon. And for that, we have to deal with several bugs related to Devs. One of them is Dev Error 356.

We think we may have something in our stash that can come in handy for you before going on a campaign. Hop in to know more about this.

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What is Dev Error 356?

Even after constant assuring of stability, the Devs of Infinity Ward couldn’t stay up to their word. Still, you can be thrown out of the game anytime, anywhere. As this is a very unexpected situation, you have no hands on this and may never know when the apple will fall on you. And this is mate, the Dev 356 Error in MW 2.

This needs a permanent fix in the upcoming patches. If not, there are already several, I mean, several-several bugs biting. Devs should gear up by now. Otherwise, MW 2 is quite near being Turbo.

How to Fix this Error in CoD MW 2?

To this day, no update or no patch is provided with the fixation of Dev Error 356. However, we have some Power Moves of our own that might come in handy. If not, try again. It will.

  • Verify game file integrity

Launch Steam. Tap on CoD MW 2 installation and go to the Properties. Then head to Local Files and then Verify the Integrity of Game Files. Steam will do the rest.

For Launcher, launch the client. Tap the cogwheel-shaped icon that will be next to the Play button. Now, select Scan & Repair from the drop-down section. Hit Begin Scan and wait.

  • Restart Shader Optimization

You might need to clear the shaders cache. To do that, Launch MW 2. Head to the settings. Look for the Graphics and then search for the Display Menu. Now, search for Restart Shaders Optimization. Wait till the process is done. The game will refresh and render the texture every time you launch it.

  • Uninstall and Re-install

But make sure to change the directory this time.

Hope the steps above can solve the Dev Error 356 in CoD MW 2. Cheers!

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