COD mobile pro challenges Dr DisRespect to a 1v1 without “aim assist”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Dr DisRespect

Following some snarky remarks made by Dr DisRespect towards the mobile gaming community, one COD pro has issued an open 1v1 challange against the doc for a 100000$ prize money.

However, the mobile pro player claims he won’t use “aim assist” during their hypothetical duel. As of writing Dr DisRespect has not made any official statement on whether or not he will actually accept the invitation for a 1v1.

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All this began when Dr DisRespect made some sarcastic remarks towards mobile gaming. And then recently followed that up with a new statement claiming mobile gaming is not a “serious” thing.

Consequently, the whole mobile gaming community started to take a dig at Dr DisRespect for his statement. Some PUBG pros also joined in on the fun and started troll the doc for his remarks. Dr DisRespect later changed his chat to member-only mode as he got pretty annoyed by all the spammers in the chat.

Dr DisRespect vs pro mobile gamers

Not only he wants to play in a PC vs. mobile format against Dr DisRespect, but he will also not use the help of “aim-assist” during the duel. The Twitter feud has been dragging on for some time now.

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Dr DisRespect might not even accept the invitation since he doesn’t even consider mobile gaming to be a serious thing. But it will surely be entertaining to witness Dr DisRespect in a 1v1 against this mobile pro without aim assist if he agrees to this duel.

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