CoD Domination type game mode might be coming to Apex Legends, a new leak suggests

A new leak by a reliable Apex Legends data miner suggests Respawn might be working on some sort of domination type game mode with rapid respawns.

As Apex Legends’ game director already stated that they are planning on taking Apex Legends beyond the base battle royale game mode. We have already seen what that looks like when Respawn added a new permanent game mode called “Arenas” beside their popular battle royale mode.

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While Arenas was a huge departure from the core battle royale game mode with a more tactical shooter approach to the gameplay loop of Apex, the general consensus among both players and critics is mostly positive towards this new game mode.

CoD Domination Coming to Apex

According to the leak, for the next game mode, Respawn might be taking a page out of Call of Duty’s domination game mode. Basically, in this game mode, Respawn might add a rapid respawn feature. This will enable players to hop onto the same match again after getting eliminated really fast.

CoD players will be really familiar with this game mode as this exact game mode has been a staple of every new CoD game release. Since Respawn was made by ex-call of duty developers, it is not that surprising that Respawn would take some inspiration from a tried and tested game mode.

However, as these are all leaks, take them with a grain of salt. Respawn can still change things at the very last moment.

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Still, the idea of some form of domination type game mode coming to Apex Legend is very exciting, to say the least. The fast-paced hero shooter-inspired gunplay of Apex Legends might be a perfect match with the hectic gameplay loop of a domination-type game mode.

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