COD: Cold War’s 1984 themed Nuketown map gets leaked

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By Md Obyead
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Recent easter egg gave players a glimpse into how the leaked 1984 themed Nuketown map will look like.

Black Ops Cold war has officially been released and like every other game in the series, it is performing really well. Consequently, the player base is increasing by the minute. They have released 8 maps for the game and two weeks into the release they have announced another map. Nuketown 1984 is a throwback to every COD fan that has ever played a call of duty game in the past.

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Nuketown map was leaked after players recently managed to trigger the easter egg while playing the game. According to the latest announcement, it is coming out on November 24th. Even though the videos were taken down due to a copyright claim from Activision, it’s already out on the internet.

The easter egg is triggered when you hit the head of mannequins and the POV changes to a 1980s digital filter. A lot of videos were posted on Reddit and Twitter but were deleted in the end. Activision has teased the map using easter eggs in the past for previous games in the Black Ops series, so this is nothing new for COD fans.

The Nuketown Map is scheduled to come out on November 24th as announced. It will be a free add on to the existing map pool, so everyone can hop on and enjoy this 1980s themed Nuketown.

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