COD Black Ops: Cold War developer confirms driving flexibility

The upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is going to feature a decent amount of vehicles in multiplayer. On top of that, the Lead Game Designer of Treyarch also confirmed superior driving and vehicle mechanics in the game.

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In a Tweet yesterday, Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer Tony Flame confirmed the already hyped Black Ops community about the “Run and Gun” portion of the game.

Potential Black Ops: Cold War driving Mechanics

Recently, we have talked about some vintage vehicles that are going to be featured in both Black Ops Cold War. Regular 4×4 vehicles never had any true potential to change the usual playstyle of the Call of Duty community. Multiplayer games will have a huge impact if players get to drive and shoot at the same time. The overall outcome of this level of flexibility in driving will diversify the playstyle of Black Ops: Cold War.

Black Ops 4 vehicle
Image Via: Activision

Note that Tony Flame had been in Treyarch for almost 14 years or so. His long experience with the Black Ops series is remarkable. Any decision made by him will be crucial for Black Ops: Cold War’s development. Black Ops 4 gave players the ability to drive helicopters, trucks, and other 4×4 vehicles but shooting while driving was never a reality. For instance, recent titles like Modern Warfare 2019 did not provide the freedom to run and gun their opponents from a driver seat. Take a minute and imagine a Warzone match where you can actually shoot from the driver’s seat in First Person view.

With the November 13, 2020 launch date of Black Ops: Cold War at mind, people are expecting a complete rebirth of the Black Ops series. Consistent updates from Black Ops: Cold War developers are being circled back and forth in the community which is adding fuel to the hype.


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