Cloud9 is now 10-0 after week 5 of LCS

With the win against Immortals in week 5 of NA LCS, Cloud 9 is still undefeated and ends their week with a massive 10-0 scoreline.

Cloud9 is playing this split absolutely perfectly and proved themselves as the best League of Legends team in North America. It’s been halfway through the split and they are yet to be defeated with a 10-0 scoreline.

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen destroyed Immortals in the match two of week 5 with Senna with a score of 8-0-2. And he also managed to get 100 souls in just 25 minutes and not to mention he currently has the height KDA. Vulcan also did an amazing job as Tahm Kench where he saved his teammates multiple times.

Cloud 9 now also leads in Baron, dragon, Rift Herald, and jungle control rates. Where C9 has a 100 percent control rate on first dragons, Elder Dragon control, and Baron Nashor. From the start of LCS, the C9 roster was absolutely motivated on winning and their stats also tell the same thing.

With Zven being the main carry the full C9 roster looks stronger than ever and it will be no surprise if C9 end the whole split undefeated.


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