Chaos Esports Club has been auto-relegated from R6 European League

With playday 7 of the EUL ending, it has been confirmed that Chaos EC will be auto-relegated from the league after this season ends.

Chaos EC has been struggling to grab points in the European League for a long period now. They ended Stage 1 of the EUL with zero wins and 5 draws only, which turned out to be a nightmare for them right now.

Stage 1

Ahead of Stage 2, Chaos EC tried to restructure their roster a bit by bringing back Secretly and Next1 for their new roster. However, in Stage 2 their luck didn’t change much. In playday 4 and 5 they did manage to grab 2 wins, but their streak ended there. Chaos EC lost against Tempra, who was also a candidate for auto-relegation, and that meant Chaos had to win all the rest of their matches.

On October 12th, Chaos EC faced an in-form G2 Esports team, where eventually G2 took the win without breaking any sweat. In the same playday, Tempra also won their match against Rogue, which meant Chaos EC had locked their 10th place in the league standings (Stage 1 & 2 combined).

Image: Liquipedia

The 10th placed team gets auto-relegated from the league in this new format, which is very unfortunate for Chaos EC. They have been in R6 PL for almost 3 years consecutively, so this indeed will be the end of an era. It is still unsure if this roster will stay, while they grind through the Challenger League next year.

The 9th placed team will get another chance to stay in EUL, where they will have to win their match against the runners up of the Challenger League. But it seems Chaos EC has to prove their worth and make a comeback in the near future, as they still have the chance to qualify for the EU November Major.

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