Changes to gold knockdown shields are coming to Apex Legends confirmed by Devs

Big changes are coming

The knockdown shield is one of the most unique features in Apex Legends, and it definitely helps this game stand out in the sea of battle royale games.

After many complaints from the Apex Legends pro-community, Respawn dev finally responded with some assurance that more adjustments are coming to make the golden knockdown shields more balanced in-game. Although the announcement kind of created a debate on whether or not golden knockdown shields should be adjusted or not.

Why pros are asking for adjustments to the golden knockdown shields?

The main reason why the majority of the pro players think golden knockdown shields require some changes cause of all the third parties. Even after finishing a whole squad sometimes players would get third partied, and as a result, they sometimes would lose points since they didn’t finish off downed players. While this may not seem that important in normal public matches, during top-level tournaments these few points can be the difference between winning and losing.

Self Revive in Apex Legends
Image Via GameSkinny

Therefore some prominent pro Apex Legends players have voiced their concern over these issues to Respawn. And one of the Producer at Respawn actually claimed that some tweaks are definitely coming to the knockdown shields.

However, some other members of the community spoke out about how they do not agree with the pro community regarding these changes. They feel normal public matches and competitive matches are quite different. Hence game devs should also pay heed to some of their concerns.

Making new adjustments while keeping both pro and casual players in mind is the biggest challenge for game developers. Besides changing one of the core features of Apex while keeping it balanced is going to be a challenge for Respawn. Seems like we will have to wait and see how Respawn makes changes to the golden knockdown shields.


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