Champions AFK rate by their Mains

AFK “Away From Keyboard” is a popular term used in online gaming which simply means that player is not playing the game while the game is still running. For the League of Legends players having an AFK teammate is not very surprising. Every time a League player hears the term ” AFK” they assume that player is a Yasuo main having a level 7 mastery who went 0/10 in the lane and left the game!

yasuo afk
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But according to League of graphs, Yasuo mains are not no.1 mains with their champion to go AFK. Braum mains top the charts with an AFK rate of 2.28% where Yasuo mains are AFKing 1.80%.

Top 10 most AKF rate by their main champions

top 10 afk list
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From the list, it can be seen that Braum Mains top the list with a 2.28% AFK rate following with Yasuo mains with 1.80%. The rest of the champions are Master Yi, Nasus, Zed, Kayn, Wukong, Jaw, Gankplank, and Xin Zhao.

Having Braum in the no1 spot is quite surprising. It can be a statistical anomaly with how few Braum mains there are currently. Not to mention Braum hasn’t had a 50% win rate in almost 2 years now.

Top 3 least AKF rate by their main champions

top 3 lowest afk rate
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Oriana mains have the lowest AFK rate among the 146 champion mains with just 0.90%. The other two champions are Xerath and Corki with 0.91% and 0.93%.

Top AKF rate by rank and region

top afk rate by rank and server
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From the list, we can also see that Bronze players have AFK rate with 15.9% which is almost 3X more than Diamond players. Silver players also close to Bronze players. Also, Brazil‘s server has the highest AFK rate with 13.3% and the Korean Server has the lowest AFK rate with 5.5%.



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