CertainlyT Wants Riot to Copyright The Moon

CertainlyT the Infamous game designer for League of Legends who is responsible for designing many mechanically complex champion like Darius, Yasuo. And currently working on Aphelios newest champion announced by Riot.

While Aphelios was in development, CertainlyT mentioned to the Playtest Team that he wanted Aphelios’ power level to change based on the phase of the moon IRL. CertainlyT said that “I want Riot Games to copyright the moon” – which was during Aphelios’s development cycle.

He also tweeted that, “I want players to go outside, see that it’s a full moon and run home to play League”.

So, apparently CertainlyT wants Riot to copyright the moon because he thinks when League players will be outside and see the moon they can instantly remember that Moon was copyrighted by Riot, and they should run home to play League.

From QA Analyst JustNovalas. The copyrighting the moon thing was surely facetious but still hilarious at the same time.

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JustNovalas also Tweeted that, at one point, CertainlyT wanted Akali to have a special interaction with Nami where she was able to surf Nami’s wave.