CD Projekt’s 2019 third-quarter revenue is almost 38% higher than 2018’s due to success of The Witcher 3 port.

CD Projekt Red released a press briefing saying that their revenue is almost 38% higher than last year. It is due to their success of their switch port of the witcher 3. CD Projekt is now one of the most respected developers in this decade. They showed that making good games will not go unnoticed.

CD prjekt is a Polish video game developer. They are behind such great game as the witcher series of video games. They also made GOG Ltd for saving old games. This polish developers usually publishes their own games. When every major AAA developers are saying that high budget single players games are a thing of the past. On the other hand cd prjekt is proving everyone wrong with their earning call.

When they released their port of witcher 3 to Nintendo’s switch platform. Many felt that switch hardware would be to much of a bottleneck for this graphically demanding game. Surprising everyone the port came out to be a huge success. Although it can’t really hold a candle to the other superior ports from PC, PS4 or xbox, handheld witcher 3 experience is still solid. The game felt more than playable. Reviewer’s praised the port for its presentation of the witcher series to the Nintendo user base.

cyber punk 2077
cyber punk 2077

In the recent times,the developers have showcased their upcoming game Cyber punk 2077. It would be sufficient to say that it is one of the most anticipated games of all time. They even managed to include keanu Reeves in their game. Th game is set in a dystopian rendition of Night City. A place where technology and big corporation’s have taken control of peoples and their every day lives. You play as a character named V. It is basically an open world rpg game. Hope CD Projekt can continue their tradition of releasing complete and polished game changing experiences.

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