Cars In Fortnite Will Have Radio Stations In The New Joyride Update

In a Creator mail, Epic games have informed us that cars in the new Fortnite joyride update will have working radio stations.

Fortnite cars were supposed to be added in the previous update. But fans were disappointed as they instead saw that Epic games were delaying cars by several weeks. In a Twitter post on July 24, Epic Games conveyed the news about the car’s delay. In the tweet, they mentioned cars will be coming out in a few weeks’ time. Players were devastated at the delay. But soon they understood that Bugged cars are worse than no cars.

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Cars are finally coming

After the long and gruesome delay cars are finally coming to Fortnite in the new Joyride update. The car update is supposed to go live on 5th August. Thanks to iFireMonkey we can see the official teaser for cars in Fortnite.

How Many Types of Cars Are Coming?

Epic Games will initially add four cars. The cars are called Mudflap, Whiplash, Bear, and Prevalent. The health and fuel capacity of each individual car also varies according to their size.

Radio Stations

With the Fortnite Joyride update, we will also see radio stations added to Fortnite. Epic Games sent a mail to creators confirming a working radio station will be in the game.

The passage reads,” Groove to the Music. Your road trip on the island needs a soundtrack, so we added radio stations. If you’re streaming. adjust your Creator Options in the Audio Settings for Copyright-safe music.”

Epic Games mail about radio stations
Credit: Epic Games

This mail by Epic Games confirms radio stations being in cars. They will not be emote music or lobby music instead they will play actual songs.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the update to jump into the game and cruise around in a car and blast some music.

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