Capcom responds to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus

Capcom removes three events from their pro tour lineup as a precaution against Coronavirus.

At this point in time, many companies and entities are taking precautions due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus(COVID-19). Many Esport event organizers already postponed or canceled their event due to this reason.

Capcom has already issued a statement that they will remove three fighting game events from their pro tour circuit line-up as a precaution. These three events are Brussels Challenge 2020, Norcal Regionals and April annihilation 2020. Capcom noted that this decision does not reflect upon the tournament organizers of those events.

Capcom coronavirus

Brussels Challenge was scheduled to take place on March 22, 2020, in Brussels, Belgium. It was going to be the first stop of the first half of the Capcom pro tour 2020 season. However, Younes, one of the tournament organizers of the event, announced that they will cancel the event due to the risks associated with the coronavirus outbreak.

Norcal regionals 2020 will take place on April 10 at San Jose, California. April Annihilation 2020 will take place on the same weekend in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

With the first three stops of the CPT being removed from the lineup, the tournament circuit’s first half was set to begin with The Mixup 2020 in Lyon, France. However, the event organizers recently announced that they are going to postpone the event to a later date on July 18-19. So the first premier event of the CPT 2020 first half, for now, is Texas Showdown 2020, which will take place on the first weekend of May.

Meanwhile, organizers for events that are further out such as EVO(July 31) and CEO(June 26), stated that they have no plans for canceling or postponing their events for now, and they’re still planning on running the tournament as scheduled.

The executive producer of Street Fighter responds to the outbreak of Coronavirus

Yoshinori Ono, the executive producer of the Street Fighter franchise, has posted a tweet acknowledging the recent outbreak of coronavirus. He said that he is not sure about the current CPT 2020 schedule. He also said that they will consider various ideas for this season.


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