Can Anyone Beat EDG in the LPL?

In this article, we will be talking about whether EDG will go unbeaten for the remainder of the LPL Summer Split regular season.

EDG is 10-1 so far in the LPL Summer Split 2021. Barring two series, the loss against TES and the shaky starting series against BLG, EDG has looked unstoppable. Their overall games won is +17 out of 20 games and that is an astounding stat. With that said, let’s talk about the team in general and whether they can go unbeaten for the remainder of the regular season.

EDG as a Team

EDG is the most cohesive and well-oiled team we have seen in the Summer Split thus far. It’s a testament to the style they have been building since the start of the year and improved on it. Their style of play is as clean as it gets in the LPL and some may say that they are like a Korean team. Historically, Korean teams have been the cleanest teams in terms of execution of the plan and whatnots.

It seems EDG has taken a page out of that and adapted it to a certain extent. Taking a style is one thing but making it work in such a volatile league is different in the LPL. This team is very good at getting advantages, knows how to rotate, when to split-push, when to make a cross-map play, etc. Additionally, they are an excellent teamfighting team and can go toe to toe against anyone in fights.

The other great aspect of the current iteration of EDG is their roster. Their roster from top to bottom is a very talented roster with skill sets that complement each other. Scout is a very stable mid laner and can be your main carry when he needs to be. Viper is the best ADC in the LPL right now and Meiko is an excellent support and that might even sell him short. Jiejie is a very intelligent jungler who knows how to path and times his ganks or counter ganks exceedingly well. Lastly, Flandre is a very versatile and skilled top laner who can be a focal point for them regarding moving around the map.

EDG does a lot of things well. They move about the map to create mismatches or roams to get numbers advantages to win skirmishes. This aspect of their style has been a problem for most teams to handle with EDG posing so many threat points. With that said, let’s look at the remainder of their schedule and see if they can go unbeaten.

The Remainder of EDG’s Schedule

EDG is set to face RNG later this week, WE in Week 7, V5 in Week 8, and lastly LNG and FPX in the Final week of the split. On paper, fans and viewers could look at the teams and say that EDG has a tough schedule ahead of them. However, there are a lot of caveats in that.

RNG looks like a shell of themselves at the moment. Barring Xiaohu and Ming, none of them are playing as well without some comfort champions. Against a team like EDG, they might struggle to beat EDG in this current meta. RNG will have to level up quite a bit to be a big threat to EDG. However, as of right now, RNG is not quite good enough in our opinion to beat EDG.

WE are in turmoil themselves with a mid lane dilemma. They acquired Mole from V5 at the start of the split but that has not worked out well. Shanks has come in and the team has looked better for him. Whether WE will fix this up before facing EDG is a story to keep your eyes on. Regardless, EDG should be able to beat them with how well EDG is playing right now.

LNG and FPX are probably going to be the two teams that can best contend with EDG given their form for the split. There are some uncertainties there with LNG hitting a bit of a rut as of late and FPX having some problems as well. However, those matches are about a month away so we can only speculate based on their current form. Looking at the current status of the teams and projecting it to the final week, we can reasonably say that EDG is a better team than the two teams in question. We would expect EDG to win both of these series.


Based on our thoughts and analysis above, in our opinion, EDG will go unbeaten for the rest of the regular season. It is not farfetched at people may think it is given EDG’s current form and how dominant they look. With that said, we wrap up the article and hope you guys liked it. To keep up to date with the LPL, check out the LPL schedule and watch the games as the LPL has matches 7 days a week.

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