CallMeCarson Makes Surprise Appearance on Mizkifs Twitch Stream

Mizkif’s Twitch viewers recently got a surprise after CallMeCarson made a sudden appearance.

Carson King or more commonly known online as CallMeCarson is a popular American YouTuber, Streamer, and Comedian. Back in January of 2021 Carson was accused of grooming underage girls. DramaAlert host Keemstar released a serious interview video accusing Carson of ******* underage fans.

Carson’s former Lunch Club podcast members admitted to getting a call from Carson about admitting to the underage fan incidents. Later a Twitter user called “miniborb” came out and accused Carson of grooming her when she was 17 and in high school.

Following these accusations, many Twitter and Discord screenshots of Carson admitting to these accusations came out. That was the last we saw of Carson on the internet.

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Carson Appears on Mizkifs Twitch Stream:

In Mizkif’s recent Twitch Stream Carson suddenly appeared opening the door. At the time Mizkif and Maya were in front of the camera. Suddenly CallMeCarson appears opening the door and says, “Is this the Bathroom, where’s the Bathroom”. He then promptly left.

In a later clip, we see Mizkif and Carson talking. At the end of the clip, Carson announces that he will be back soon. He said, “I’ll be back soon like real soon.”

Reactions on different social media have been mixed after the appearance of Carson on Mizkifs stream and his possible return to YouTube and Twitch Stream. Carson has been trending on Twitter since then.

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