Callisto Protocol: Best Weapon Upgrades

Callisto Protocol has a couple of unique weapons that you can get your hands on. And here are the best weapon upgrades in the game.

Callisto Protocol is the next game made by the co-creator of the Dead Space franchise. In many ways, it is the spiritual successor of the franchise. Many things in this game are inspired by the Dead Space games. But by far, the most interesting mechanic that has been carried on from the original Dead Space is its dismemberment feature.

Callisto Protocol has a pretty long runtime, meaning it isn’t a short ride. And throughout your journey, you will get many new weapons to unleash hell on your enemies. All of these weapons can also be upgraded or reforged at a station.

With so many weapons to choose from, you may be wondering what some of the best weapon upgrades you should make. Then this guide is for you. Here we will answer that question. That way, you will always be one step ahead of your enemies.

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Best Weapon Upgrades in Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol has a few different weapons you can unlock. All of the weapons have several things you can upgrade. But some upgrades are more important than others, especially when you are going through the game for the first time. So here is a list of the best upgrades you can do early on in the game:

Stun Baton Upgrade

  • Increased Velocity Alloy Sheath
  • Damage Upgrade Level 1
  • Damage Upgrade Level 2

Stun Baton is going to be your most used weapon in the early to mid-game. So upgrading that first is an obvious choice. You should get the increased velocity upgrade first. That way, you can focus on extending your combo and keep enemies stunned more easily.

Then you can focus on the damage upgrade for the weapon. Do the damage level 1 upgrade and then when you can upgrade again, do the level 2. This way, you will have a reliable weapon for all-time use as you focus on upgrading all the other weapons.

GRP Upgrade

  • Energy Upgrade Small
  • Energy Upgrade Medium
  • Velocity Upgrade Small
  • Velocity Upgrade Medium

The GRP is one of the best weapons you will have. This weapon can push enemies into environmental hazards. So, after you are done with the baton upgrade, move to GPR and do the small and medium energy upgrades. That way, you can use the weapon a lot more.

Then move on to doing the velocity upgrade. Doing this upgrade will make sure you can push enemies a lot further and push multiple enemies into hazards to kill them instantly. It is a powerful weapon you will use a lot during your time in the Callisto Protocol.

Callisto Protocol: All Data-Bios Locations
Credit: Striking Distance Studios

Hand Cannon Upgrade

  • Explosive Round
  • Stability Upgrade

Hand Cannon is a very powerful weapon in case you get cornered. While upgrading, do the explosive round upgrade. That way you can tear through multiple enemies’ limbs with a single shot. Then you can do the stability upgrade to make the weapon a bit easier to use.

Other Weapons

All the above upgrades will be the best ones to do in Callisto Protocol. But of course, there are other weapons in the game too. If you are looking to upgrade something else, you can upgrade the Shotgun to increase its damage.

As for the Skunk Gun and Tactical Pistol, they are not that good. So you can count them as optional upgrades. But if you like using one of these weapons, you can upgrade and use them in combat. But they are just not as good as the hand cannon or even the Shotgun.

And finally, you should avoid the Assult Rifle upgrade. No, the weapon is not bad, and Yes, it is fun to use. But the ammo for the Assault Rifle ammo costs too much. If you only use this item, you will not have enough money to do everything else. So you should focus on upgrading the other weapons first, then do the Assault Rifle if you really want to upgrade it.

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