Callisto Protocol: Best PC Settings For Smooth Performance

Calisto Protocol had its launch, and the performance is not very good for the PC. However, there are a few things you can do to improve it. Here are the best settings you can do for Smooth Performance on the PC.

Calisto Protocol is the spiritual successor of the Dead Space games. It features the same kind of dismemberment system as the Dead Space game, and it is directed by one of the co-creators of that game. The gameplay is good, but unfortunately, you can not say the same for the performance, especially on the PC.

Like all other modern games, there is a lot of customization on the graphics side of things in this game. Fortunately for PC players, you can tweak these settings to lower the performance issues and have a Smooth gameplay experience. And here, we will break down all the best PC settings you can have to get a smooth performance from Calisto Protocol.

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Best PC Settings for Smooth Performance

According to Digital Foundry, the performance issue for PC happens because the game doesn’t have any shader cache. It loads everything as you play the game. So we can tweak the graphics settings to lower the load a bit to get a smooth performance. Thus here are the settings you need to use for Calisto Protocol on the PC.

General Graphics Settings

For general Settings, you need to change the followings:

  • V-Sync – Off
  • Limit Framerate – 60
  • Direct X – 11

Capping the framerate to 60 will prevent your game from loading more than 60 frames. That way, the performance can be improved. And turning off V-Sync is a must if you have more than 60 frame monitor. That is because V-Sync will try to reach the frames to match the Monitor. In some cases, Direct X 12 causes the issue. So to be safe, run the game on DX 11.

Lighting Settings

For Lighting Settings, you need to change the followings:

  • Lighting Quality – Standard
  • Particle Quality – Medium
  • Shadow Quality – High
  • Volumetric Quality – Medium
  • Ray Tracing – Off (Preferable)

Light is often the most important part of video game graphics. A lot of work goes into the lighting. Changing the lighting will release a lot of load from the game. That way, everything loads faster and improves the smoothness of the game. And since the game already struggles, Ray Tracing turned off is the best option right now.

Other Graphical Settings

  • Motion Blur – Disable
  • Depth of Field – Disable
  • Subsurface Scattering – Disable
  • Film Grain – On
  • Anti Aliasing – FXAA
  • AMD FSR 2 – Performance

These are some miscellaneous settings you should change to improve the load time and smoothness of the game. There is no DLSS support in the game for Nvidia card users. However, there is FSR 2 for AMD. Set the FSR 2 to performance to help the game improve by taking advantage of the upscaling feature of your AMD cards.

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