Call Of Duty: Warzone Team Records Unbelievable 121 Kills In A Single Match

Yes, you read that right a Call of Duty: Warzone squad has collected a whopping 121 kills in a single Quads match, setting a new world record for the most kills in a single match.

Popular Call of Duty streamers TeePee, HusKerrs, Symfuhny, and DougisRaw made this record possible by obtaining 121 kills of the 150 players present in the lobby. Check out the highlights of this fragging feast in the video below.

The team immediately shared their incredible achievement in social media, which surprised many players around the world. Even former Call of Duty pro player, Nadeshot, cannot understand how the team achieved this unthinkable record.

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Here’s how the 121 kills were divided:

  • HusKerrs with 34 kills
  • Doug with 32 kills
  • Teepee with 31 kills
  • Symfuhny with 24 kills

Although the previous records for the most kills in a Quads game are not known, this current world record should last some time before its broken again.

While many people will argue that the team might have killed a single player multiple times after they respawned, so they didn’t actually kill 121 individual players out of the 150 present in the lobby. Nevertheless, it is still an incredible achievement for the whole squad and one they could be proud of in the future.

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