British Hurricane Defeat Falcons Esports EU 4-3 and are the Overwatch Contenders 2021: Season 1 Europe Champions

Today British Hurricane take on Falcons Esports EU in the Overwatch Contenders Season 1: Europe Grand Finals.

Overwatch Contenders is a major-level tournament series for Pro Players paving the way to the highest tier event, the Overwatch League. There are 5 contender regions: North America, Europe, China, Australia, and Korea. The combined prize pool from all regions for the year is $1,300,000 USD. Today is the European regional finals. The match format is First to 4.

Mapwise scores

British Hurricane 2-1 Falcons Esports EU
British Hurricane 0-1 Falcons Esports EU
British Hurricane 2-3 Falcons Esports EU
British Hurricane 2-3 Falcons Esports EU
British Hurricane 3-3 Falcons Esports EU
British Hurricane 2-1 Falcons Esports EU
British Hurricane 2-0 Falcons Esports EU
Watchpoint Gibraltar
British Hurricane 3-0 Falcons Esports EU

The first map was Nepal which was a back and forth game. The first point was almost won by Falcons but British Hurricane managed to clinch it. Falcons came back with another point but BH managed to take the map. In Hollywood, FE put up a strong defense stopping BH from capping the point at 99.5% which they easily achieved in the second half.

The 3rd map was Junkertown and FE pushed all 3 checkpoints while BH was unable to push past 2 points. In Volskaya both teams capped 2 points and it went to Overtime. In the 2nd round, FE managed to cap 1/3rd and took the map. Numbani was a draw between both teams. In Lijang tower FE lost another point at 99% while BH took 2 points along with the map.

In Illios BH took both points and won the map convincingly. Finally, the 8th map was Watchpoint: Gibraltar. BH managed to push all 3 points and stop FE from taking a single checkpoint.

Thus after a long match spanning 8 maps, British Hurricane are the new champions of Contenders Europe.

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