Breeze’s teleporter changes teased by Riot, possibly related to the New Agent

In the latest Patch note 2.11, there were slight changes to the teleporter area in A site of Breeze. Earlier today in Valorant’s Dev diaries they teased that area that could be linked to the new Agent.

In today’s Valorant Dev Diaries, the making of the new map was shown from the ground up. From how requests of players asking for a map with long sightlines came into fruition in the form of Breeze. There has been extensive testing, designing, and adjustments for the new map by the dev team as well as skilled veterans of the game.

But as the video comes to a close, we can see an end credits scene where most of you might have left. But the most interesting part is the post-credit scene. Like how Marvel loves to include a unique post-credits scene that fans stay back for which often turns out to be a teaser for a new movie, in this Dev Diary Riot has done the same.

After the credits, we jump to the teleporter area above Breeze A point. The devs especially advise the audience to “keep an eye on” that area hinting at there might be an upcoming event or reveal which is closely related to that change.

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

Here we see the teleporter which is currently turned off. In the Display sign, it reads “Sequence Initiated” which made no one bat an eye at first.

Image via VALORANT
Image via VALORANT

But as of Patch 2.11, that area has gotten a very subtle update. The teleporter seems to be turned on and it has gotten additional audio and visual effect and the display now says “Arrival Imminent” which we can assume means that the new agent is “arriving”. Also in the picture, if we close in on the top right boxes which are just ahead of the teleporter exit, we can see a dagger that seemingly has EMP capabilities.

As of Riot’s continued leaks from the patch notes to a short video of the upcoming Agent codenamed Grenadier, we can safely assume that this change is closely related to the new agent.

So from the above information and the teaser from today’s video, we can speculate that Grenadier is going to release very soon and in the game’s lore, he will arrive via the teleporter in Breeze.

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