Bomb Drone killstreak reappeared in COD Warzone

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Activision

Warzone players are reporting the presence of a new killstreak. According to some sources, this killstreak first surfaced back in November.

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As Black Ops: Cold War is set to merge with Warzone on the 16th of December, players are frequently spotting new elements inside the game. Previously, a Redditor named hefy123 published a complete video that proved the existence of a highly requested killstreak. Due to its appearance & physical shape, the killstreak quickly earned a nickname, “The Bomb Drone.”

Basically, the “Bomb Drone” is a killstreak that exhibits the best possible combination of C4 & Quad Copter. Experienced Warzone players have already tested this method of attaching a C4 under a drone with effective outcomes. Even though the community is already familiar with such a hybrid device, Warzone developers are also eager to deliver their version of the killstreak.

Recently, the killstreak resurfaced in the open battleground of Verdansk. Previously, hefy123 found the Bomb Drone inside a bunker. As of now, this killstreak is not purchasable via buy stations. It might be a bug or an experimental version of the device. Once released, the Bomb Drone is deemed to shift the balance of Warzone.

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Warzone’s crossover with Black Ops: Cold War will surely increase the community’s demand for content. Activision’s agenda with the Bomb Drone is unclear, but this might as well be the tip of the iceberg. Post integration phase of BOCW & Warzone might entirely exceed the community’s expectations.

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