Boku No Roblox Codes (January 2023): Free Cash and Rewards

Scroll down for the free redeemable codes for Boku No Roblox for this January.

The Roblox community is undoubtedly getting more creative day by day. The last ones I talked about were Roblox King Legacy, Ro-Ghoul; each is extraordinary with its visuals and gameplay. In this Boku No Hero Academia version, you get to play a particular character, well as the green-haired one. Train every day, and get stronger. I can say that you do not have to digest a single piece of hair.

I guess you have already reached a conclusion where you might need some cheat sheet to go further. So let me take the wheel from here and show you de way. Hop on!

Boku No Roblox Codes (January 2023)

Below are the active codes that have been checked as of January 2023. These get updated, and new ones get released every month. Redeem them quickly as they get cold very quickly sometimes.

  • InfiniteRaid!: 50k Cash
  • Sc4rySkel3ton: 75K Cash
  • ThanksFor570k!: 55k Cash
  • newu1s: 50K Cash
  • 1MFAVS: 25K Cash
  • echoeyesonYT5K: 22k Cash

How to Redeem Codes

Just follow these steps to redeem those active codes quickly. There are getting cold, mate:

  • Launch Boku No Roblox.
  • You will find the codes button to proceed. Tap on it.
  • Copy any of the Boku no Roblox codes and put it in. Hit the Enter. Codes are case-sensitive. So, you have to put exactly the way the codes are given.
  • You will be able to claim the rewards instantly.

Boku No Roblox Expired Codes

Some codes are like old hairs; you want to eat that thinking they still might have left some Might power, you will regret it instantly. So, before destroying the Enter button, go through this list and see if any of them expired long ago.

  • 300MVISITS: 30K Cash
  • SubtoCodexGeas: 25,000 Cash
  • t0dor0k1: 50,000 Cash
  • sp00ky: 50,000 Cash
  • t0muraAll4one: 50,000 Cash
  • BokuNoTw1tt3r: 25,000 Cash
  • bl4ckwh1p: 50,000 Cash
  • sh1ns0: 50,000 Cash
  • THXGIVING: 25,000 Cash
  • HallowDessi2020: 25,000 Cash
  • er4serh3ad: 50,000 Cash
  • fi3rcew1ngs: 50,000 Cash
  • 50MVISITS: 50,000 Cash
  • TOFUU: 50,000 Cash
  • th4nky0u: 25,000 Cash
  • cl3ss1A: 50,000 Cash
  • mhaseason5: 50,000 Cash
  • DessiNoRevamp: 25,000 Cash
  • m1rk0: 50,000 Cash
  • 200MVISITS: 25,000 Cash
  • pr3sentm1c: 50,000 Cash
  • BNRxDessi: 25,000 Cash
  • tok0yam1: 50,000 Cash
  • 100MVISITS: 50,000 Cash
  • mid0r1ya: 50,000 Cash
  • man1f3st: 50K Cash
  • echoeyesonYT5K: 25,000 Cash
  • m4ihats8me: 50,000 Cash
  • newyear2021: 50,000 Cas
  • DessiXmas2020: 25,000 Cash
  • Sub2Supershiftery: 25,000 Cash
  • h0witzer1mpact: 50,000 Cash
  • m1net4: 50,000 Cash
  • mrc0mpr3ss: 50,000 Cash
  • m1rio: 50,000 Cash
  • JULY4TH: 25,000 Cash
  • pr0m1n3nceburn: 50,000 Cash
  • UseCodeDessi: 25,000 Cash
  • g3ntlecr1minal: 50,000 Cash
  • sh1garaki: 50,000 Cash
  • g1gant0mach1a: 50,000 Cash
  • DessiNoVr: 50,000 Cash
  • h3r0raid: 50,000 Cash
  • vi11ainraid: 50,000 Cash
  • end3av0r: 50,000 Cash
  • gang0rca: 50,000 Cash
  • p1usu1tra: 50,000 Cash
  • oj1r0: 50,000 Cash
  • H4wk5: 50,000 Cash
  • je4ni5t: 50,000 Cash
  • 500KFAVS: 50,000 Cash
  • 150MVISITS: 25,000 Cash
  • mhaseason4: 50,000 Cash
  • Sub2Telanthric: 25,000 Cash
  • infinite100%: 100,000 Cash
  • NEWYEAR2020: 50,000 Cash
  • 0v3rhau1: 50,000 Cash
  • CHRISTMAS: 50,000 Cash
  • n1ght3ye: 50,000 Cash
  • THANKSGIVING: 25,000 Cash
  • MaineS4: 25,000 Cash

What are Boku No Roblox Codes?

You want to make your character more powerful than ever, right? That is the point where these codes come in. You will feel the need to buy better gears and upgrades, which obviously require some hard cash. Redeem these codes to level up faster and randomize your Quirk. Suit up with the superpowers that you feel best for yourself.

How to Get More Codes for Free?

Simply bookmark the page that goes by the name GameRiv. Easy as the day, right? And then, come back every month for newer and updated codes. Be the ultimate superhero you want to be, and let me take the inside job. After all, It’s YOUR power…isn’t it?”

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