Operation Blood Orchid seasonal skins return to Rainbow Six Siege for a limited time

In occasion of the Lunar New Year, Ubisoft has brought back Operation Blood Orchid’s season skins to the Rainbow Six Siege in-game store.

Alongside every season, Ubisoft releases a set of “seasonal skins”, which resembles the theme of that specific season. Operation Blood Orchid was released in Siege’s Year 2 Season 3 when the game received three new operators: Lesion, Ying, and Ela.

And what makes these ‘seasonal skins’ unique is that they were only available for the duration of those seasons. However, with so many players joining the game in recent years, the skins were becoming very rare to be seen in-game.

In the ‘Lunar Sale’ section of the Rainbow Six shop, three of the Operation Blood Orchid seasonal skins are available to be purchased with 30,000 renown or 720 R6 credits.

Alongside them some new items are also available like the Ox Zodiac Bundle, which is available for a limited time only.

Although some fans might be upset about this decision from Ubisoft, it is indeed great news for fans who wanted to get access to the skins they missed out on. This also might also lead Ubisoft to re-release more seasonal skins in the future such as the Chupinazo or Black Ice, but we still have to wait for that day to come.