Blizzard reportedly working on an Overwatch Mobile

Blizzard is apparently releasing an Overwatch Mobile version alongside Overwatch 2, according to insider.

During a recent episode of The Four Horsemen podcast. Dexerto’s Editor At Large Richard Lewis stated that Blizzard planned to release Overwatch Mobile during the release of Overwatch 2.

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At the podcasts, Lewis and the others were discussing the major layoffs that occurred in Activision Blizzard. Furthermore, the impact it’s going to have, on their games and events. As their subject changed to the massive boom in mobile gaming. Lewis consequently mentioned how Blizzard planned to get into mobile gaming with Overwatch Mobile.

“I have it on good authority that the original plan before the pandemic really kicked everything into survival mode was that they wanted to release Overwatch 2 and Overwatch Mobile at the same time essentially,” 

Richard Lewis

Additionally, the original plan was to release this mobile version simultaneously with the newly announced sequel. Overwatch 2. Although announced a year ago, we hear no updates regarding the sequel to this GOTY winning franchise. Moreover, rumors are that development is also going slow. Hence, it is highly likely that we won’t be seeing either of the games anytime soon.

On the other hand, this is not the first time word about an Overwatch Mobile came up. Rumors for a mobile version of this classic arena shooter have been on for some time. Especially during the 2020 investors call, we saw Blizzard higher-ups talking about the importance of the mobile market. In addition to Jeff Kaplan mentioning in Reddit AMA that, they are ‘excited’ to narrate the lore of Overwatch in newer forms and mediums. This could imply mobile.

A lot of big franchises are trying their hands on the mobile market. Due to its immense userbase and unstoppable growth. Some succeed, others fall short. Let’s see how Overwatch fares.

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