Blizzard is under fire for banning players who helped others with refunds

Blizzard is facing a lot of heat

Blizzard is currently facing a lot of criticism for banning players who helped others with the refund process. Along with claims of false advertisement the company is facing a lot of heat right now.

Warcraft 3 Reforged has been highly anticipated for some time. Many critics are slamming the game for making promises that were not met. Many features in the game that were promised are not present in the current version of the game. This is a great example of how not to remaster a classic game.

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So obviously players wanted a full refund as they were not happy with what they got. Apparently some players helped and guided others with refunds. Blizzard banned those players who helped with or guided other players for refund.

This along with the fact that some claims Blizzard marketing has misrepresented some features that are not present in the game. So, people are calling out Blizzard for false advertising. This is illegal in many countries as most of the European countries have strict marketing policies.

Those who want refunds but got denies are also complaining that Blizzard is breaking Consumer protection laws. Not allowing refunds is a big offense in many EU countries.

Expectation Vs Reality

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Adding to this many reviewers are currently bashing the game for not living up to the standards. Many think this is one of the few times we can say that the original was better than the remake.

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