Blizzard is now offering automated refunds following the refund controversy

Automated refunds now available to all

Warcraft III: Reforged launch has been a nightmare for Blizzard as players were asking for refunds in a horde. Initially, blizzard banned some players for helping others with the refund process.

Following all the refund controversy it looks like Blizzard has finally listened to all the criticism regarding the game. Right now Blizzard is giving away automated refunds to people who are understandably disappointed with the title. If Warcraft III: Reforged Metacritic scores are any indication then the company is facing a lot of heat right now.

Blizzard really messed up on this one. Warcraft III: Reforged fanbase is visibly angry about it and they want Blizzard to know. So they are flooding Metacritic with zeros. This game currently has the worst Metacritic score amongst all the other Blizzard published titles.

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A Nightmare for Blizzard

After seeing the devastating state of the game paired with the uncertainty of its future, many decided to refund the game. Those who refunded are now saying that it is sad that it came to the point where Blizzard has automated the refund process.

Blizzard at this point has finally realized they should give players the ability to refund as they want. The loyal fanbase is still considering to give the game another chance if they can bring the game to a more complete and playable state, along with all the original features that were promised.

All this is an unfortunate turn of events for Blizzard as they are facing a lot of heat regarding the issue. Warcraft III: Reforged is a classic game that player was really eager to see a quality remake from the likes of BLizzard entertainment.

With blizzard giving away automated refunds it looks like they finally understood the situation they are in. Although they haven’t made any statement regarding the game after all the negative press.

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