Black Ops Cold War Beta is already facing a cheating issue similar to CoD Warzone

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Activision

Black Ops Cold War Open Beta is currently going through a cheating complication like COD Warzone. Players are frequently facing cheaters during matchmaking.

It hasn’t even been a week since the Open Beta’s arrival and Treyarch is briefly lagging behind cheaters and exploiters.

While Treyarch is busy evaluating Black Ops Cold War’s online performance through an Open Beta, cheat manufacturers are envisioning another opportunity to grow their shady business. Some players are reportedly resorting to the Console version of the game in order to avoid PC players. As of now, most of the cheating allegation is being thrown at PC players. It’s not a new scenario, we have seen similar issues with PC players in CoD Warzone too.

Amidst the compound situation, Players are actively seeking Treyarch’s attention on Reddit. This particular footage from a Redditor u/madzuk provides us with an insight into the ongoing issue. With noticeable usage of aimbot, one suspect is popping off with 94 frags quite easily.

On multiple social media platforms, participants of the Open Beta are already demanding effective interference from Treyarch about this cheating issue.

Cheating in Call of Duty is not an unfamiliar problem, Infinity Ward is in a constant struggle with cheaters and cheats providers since the release of COD Warzone. At times, Infinity Ward responded to the cheating dilemma by suing various cheats manufacturers. Meanwhile, Treyarch is yet to comment on anything about this problem.

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