Black Mesa: XEN is finally out on PC

XEN is out right now

Black Mesa: XEN is finally released on PC. One of the most requested chapters of Half-life game Xen is finally out in steam.

Black Mesa is a third-party remake of the original Half-Life game by the developers Crowbar Collective. It was first released on Steam as an early access game on May 5, 2015. Xen chapters of this game were not released together. They were released in a staggered manner. The public beta of this game was released on December 6, 2019.

The project was originally announced in 2005. This beloved FPS was a passion project for these developers. It got great reviews on steam on its initial release. Some call it a love letter to the original Half-Life game. The visuals on this game got a huge upgrade from the original games. The devs didn’t make drastic changes to the gameplay due to the original being a masterpiece.


Before and after the remake

The devs really poured all they had on the visuals on this game. With modern textures and lighting, this remake looks better than ever before. If you haven’t played the originals before then this game is highly recommended. The early reviews of this Xen chapter are really positive. Since this game is still in beta you can playtest it and help the devs fix issues.

With this update, we not only bring the beta over to mainline, but also implement feedback to refine the difficulty, increase player guidance, fix bugs, as well as increase performance throughout the Interloper chapter. See the detailed change list below.

Developers of Black Mesa: XEN

Xen is probably the best adaptation so far. With all the chapters out in Black Mesa, the devs said there are still no plans for the future for the game as of now. But that all can change depending on the priorities. we hope they continue with their masterful rework of classic video games.

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