Black Manta Skin Could Be Coming To Fortnite

Epic Games could bring a Black Manta Skin to the Fortnite Item shop in the near future.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has just started a few weeks ago and players are enjoying this season to the fullest. New skins, new map changes, Rotating LTMs, etc are keeping the player base pretty busy.

The usual Fortnite updates are also coming in each week or sometimes alternate weeks. Fortnite data miners are also taking advantage of these updates to leak to us brand new things every update.

Recently Leakers have hinted at a Black Manta skin that could possibly be in the Item Shop very soon. They also got the date when Aquaman would be released.

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Black Manta Release Date

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX on Twitter, The Black Manta skin could be coming to the Item Shop on July 16th. Aquaman will also be fully releasing on that date.

The Black Manta skin will also feature dual pick-axe in a similar black style to the skin.

According to another leaker FNLeaksAndInfo, we can see what could be the encrypted mesh of the Black manta skin and his Dual Black Manta Blades.

Aquaman VS Black Manta Storyline?

Black Manta is an Aquaman villain. So the coming of a Black Manta skin could mean that the seasonal story might progress based around them. The Reveal of Atlantis and a Fight Between Black Manta VS Aquaman could bring a showdown to the season. Just like we had the Monster Vs Robot Fight back in season 10.

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