BioWare might completely rework Anthem from the ground up

Anthem was the worst disaster for Bioware and EA in 2019. They over promised and under delivered by a mile. Critics unanimously agreed that it was an unfinished and buggy mess. Many gamer’s thought EA may just cancel Anthem and move on. As it turns out there is still hope.

While it is very clear that anthem was a straight up failure from such a beloved developer like Bioware. In the past they created some amusing masterpieces. It is really sad to see them in such a negative way. Their previous games like Mass effect Andromeda was not up to par. Bioware created such a high bar for themselves that normal cookie cutter video games from them stings like a bug to say the least.

After releasing Anthem in February 2019, it was clear that Bioware didn’t deliver the experience that was promised. From immersion breaking loading screens to unfinished loot and gear system, it would be safe to say both the critics and general players were disappointed. It left a bad taste in players mouth. Many fans of the developers were left unsatisfied. Recently a report by Kotaku claims that Anthem was too big to fail at this point. EA has invested a lot of money into the game.

Kotaku sources claimed that internally BioWare and EA are getting ready for a whole revamp of the game nicknamed as “Anthem 2.0” or “Anthem Next.” They also claimed that the rethink will “drastically” change basics like mission design, looting and even the world itself. The team spent a few months simply “tearing Anthem down” and spent more months rebuilding the title, one tipster said. Since a lot of the issues are at the core of the game their needs to be a full revamp of this game. Hope Bioware can make this happen.

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