Biomutant Guide: How To Find Biohazard Suit

Here is a complete guide as to where you can find the biohazard suit in Biomutant.

The world of Biomutant is vast and unique, with each region having its own requirements to explore. You will need certain types of suits in each area in order to stay alive. The zones include radioactive zones, extreme heat zones/cold zones, hypoxia zones, and biohazard zones. We have made a guide below to help you survive the biohazard zone using the biohazard suit.

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How to Find BioHazard Suit in Biomutant:

In Biomutant, the game itself helps you find these unique suits using something called a ‘PingDIsh’. It is a radar system with which you can locate the suit. To find the Biohazard suit PingDish, you will have to head over an area called PingDish 6E first. You can find PingDish 6E just Northwest of the Surfipelago region.

Biomutant Pingdish 6E Map
Credit: heypoorplayer and Biomutant

After you have defeated the enemies besides the PingDish, head inside, where you will have to solve a puzzle. It will involve lining up three color-coded rotating paddles, which complete an electrical circuit. Now you will be able to use the PingDish to locate the Biohazard suit.

Now move the PingDish around until the signal is at full strength. A short cut-scene will play after you have got the best signal, showing you the suit’s location. Mark it on your map and head Southwest until you are at the entrance of BangShelter 6D.

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Now all you have to do is defeat the enemies and get the suit located inside the bunker. The suit will now help you get into areas which you could not earlier. Head over to your inventory, and once you equip, you are ready to head into Biohazard Areas.

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