Bilibili Held One Year Celebration Ceremony of Their Mobile Game With 1500 Drones in China

Chinese company Bilibili recently held a one year celebration ceremony of their mobile game “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” by lighting up the night sky of Shanghai, China with 1500 drones.

Bilibili is a popular Chinese video-sharing website mainly focused around games, animation, and comics. Bilibili owned companies have also published many successful games in the Chinese market. The company also dabbled in the Esports scene by purchasing League of Legends and Overwatch teams. They are also affiliated with famous brands like Xiaomi and Durex.

Recently Bilibili celebrated one year ceremony of their mobile game “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”. The celebration was for the game being out for 1 year in China. It was done grandly by lighting up the night skies of Shanghai, China with more than 1500 drones.

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Bilibili 1500 Drones Show:

For the one year celebration, Bilibili flew 1500 drones in the night sky. The drones were programmed to make certain images and animations as part of the light show. First, the drones made a phone that showed the title of the game “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”.

Soon after that, we saw some of the characters from the game and animation of the “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” gameplay. Then the drones changed colors and made formations to portray characters from the game in the night sky of Shanghai.

At the end of the light show, the drones formed a giant QR code in the sky. This was an actual QR code and when scanned would allow for the download of the game and a 1 year anniversary pack.

Daniel Ahmed reported on the spectacular show that Bilibili organized to celebrate their game being out in China for 1 year. He said,

“Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili held a one year anniversary show in Shanghai for the mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive (Cygames).
1,500 drones took part in the show to celebrate the game having been out for one year in China.”

The HD version of the drone show video can be seen below-

The QR code could be seen over a long distance and could be scanned by people standing at ground level.

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