Bethesda developing a new game according to job listing

It seems Bethesda is in the early stages of developing a new game according to this job listing.

Bethesda is already working on two AAA titles that is supposedly be their next big thing. Elder Scrolls VI and a new IP Starfield. Starfield will probably be something like Fallout in space. Who knows, maybe we will see a new approach.

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Furthermore, Bethesda Austin is seemingly developing a new game. A new AAA game to be exact. This is backed up by the gaming giant’s new job listing. The listing looks for “a qualified server engineer to help create and improve systems for an unannounced title’. It also mentions that the hired person will be responsible for building and refining back-end systems. Hence the game is still in the earliest stages of development, and we might not hear about it until the next year or so.

The listing also mentions the legacy of Bethesda’s AAA games and that interested applicants must have a strong familiarity with Bethesda games. This has led to speculation that the game must be from an existing series. Since Elder Scrolls is in development already, therefore it is usual to guess a new Fallout game. In fact, Bethesda Austin worked extensively on Fallout 76.

On the other hand, it could just mean a completely new game but with the signature Bethesda style. But as the listing specifies tasks related to networking, connectivity, chances are that the new Bethesda game in development is a multiplayer game, that might base off of an existing IP.

Considering how Fallout 76 turned out, let’s hope Bethesda does not screw up a beloved franchise once more. Instead, dish out a great experience like Elder Scrolls Online.

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