Best Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Ranked from Best to Worst

Learn all you need to know about the best weapons you can take out for an adventure in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Cross the sea to reach Elgado, save it from vicious monsters, fill up the quests, track them down, and do it again. That is how the whole story sums up in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Well, its ancestors were more or less similar so if you think you are missing something while playing this one, worry not, because even I was worried, and it was not worth it. But the game is spectacular.

Even though the monsters here are aggressive, their moves are predictable. So you will have a fun challenge while wielding any of the 14 weapons you will come across. From an absurd hammer to a long sword, this game has everything to make you go weird.

Each of these weapons has its own stories to tell, along with its own skillsets to show off. And that is my job for today to make you aware of that. So, hop on, and let’s get you through the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Have you ever wondered what might be the weaknesses of the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

1. Long Sword

Longs Sword has another name; did you know that? It also goes by Tachi Blades. These ferocious blades resemble Katana.

It has become a trendy choice among veterans because of the Spirit Gauge. This attack alone can increase the AP to several folds. As the name goes “long,” it is obvious that the range is long as well. Another advantage to take seriously is the Spirit Combo attacks. These attacks will never bounce off.

Moreover, the Harvest Moon skill also shares the reason to let it be in the top position. Some say it alone did the work. It creates a Pseudo-arena that deals with the extra hits. In addition, the Skill Swap is what you want in the mid-game to switch skills. Overall, if there was another tier on top, Long Sword should go there.

All this also comes with some drawbacks. Being one of the high-powered weapons with excellent mobility, it cannot guard against any attacks in Monster Hunter. Instead, you have to roll and dodge. If you are sensitive enough, you might see a short delay after the initiation of an attack. So, there are certain risks for the hunter.

2. Great Sword

Great Sword changed the game of weapons since Monster Hunter 2. After this weapon was equipped with charged attacks, its popularity suddenly arose and took it to the highest level.

What we are looking for is the Strongarm Stance. This is what you want to counterattack the enemy with a full-charged attack. Moreover, it initiates True Charged Slash on the way to deal some heavy damage. Did I tell you how fast it is?

You can even reposition yourself with a little dash when the situation is tight. The Backslide can do that for you while retaining your charge levels.

Now to talk about the downfall, you will feel the sharpness has started to fade after each block with the sword. Moreover, there is also the mobility issue. But that can be covered up with Backslide.

3. Switch Ax

This one is one of the Blademaster-type melee weapons that was first seen in Monster Hunter Tri, and the transformation capability pushed it to the top rank without a doubt.

However, there is a new attack that can aid in retaining its position in this tier. The Elemental Burst Counter is known to counter every possible attack. Moreover, the Amp Gauge will be filled up as well. The little drawback I should warn you about is the cost of it. This move will cost you two Wirebugs. Moreover, this move needs a precise finish. You should work on that as well.

The new update also focused on its mobility. The Wire Step backed up this long-term issue. This can also help you save carts.

4. Dual Blade

Dual Blade is one of the high-speedy weapons. The speedy AP and elemental damage can be a deadly combo. Although, the defensive traits might push it back a bit.

After getting on the opener, you might want to start with the Spiral Slash. This skill is based on focusing multiple hits on a single location. Not to mention, the damage is extensively high. But the drawback is that you have to time the attack. Otherwise, it’s challenging to execute on the foes as they move frequently.

However, a faster attack also means faster execution and quicker getting dull. You will see the sharpness bar is getting hit faster as well. To cover up this, you can execute Ironshine Silk, which comes at a cost. You must have iframe awareness of a high level to evade near-miss. It will regenerate the sharpness.

Moreover, Dual Blade is difficult to control underwater, and on top of that, you are not getting any shield as well.

5. Charge Blade

One of the most complicated weapons you can ever get. To be noted, this also does one of the most damage-bearing weapons. As complicating as it gets, veterans feel like having the divine one.

You might execute Condensed Spinning Slash from time to time. This one tends to hit multiple times while you swing the blade only one time. Now, if you equip Chain Crit, it will increase the AP several folds. We know what comes later.

Charge Blade can also give defensive options. Say, with Ready Stance; you can block any attack, which can be done while being in any position. Moreover, the Phial-based switch skills have several other advantages to aid in carrying out your strategy.

What might bug you is the complexity that bounds with it. Otherwise, it had a solid place in the S-tier, without a doubt.

6. Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn attracts the players lurking for pure brute strength. And this one didn’t disappoint them.

The game-changer skill can be the Sonic Bloom. Say you want to play the Fur Elise of Beethoven. Wake up your foes, and that doesn’t end there. Give them a melody so strong that the damage now multiplies. And note that the damage is immense.

On top of that, there is Sharpness Melody. With this, you can easily regenerate the sharpness for yourself and your mates.

The next one that we want to focus on is the Swing Combo. It offers extended mobility. With this, you can reposition yourself. That will improve executing your attacks more effectively than ever.

Now about the drawbacks. The combos here are pretty lengthy. So it’s obvious what will happen if someone evades your combo and grasps you in the mid-attack. Stings, doesn’t it?

7. Insect Glaive

Now let’s hear some words about the fresher-friendly item. Even though it is one of the best choices for freshers, they will still go for Dual Blades. What did you go after?

Let’s start with the Kinsect Bonuses that were added. There are Kinsect Charge, Powder, Vortex, and Boosted Powder Extract. These are great additions that will surely enroll the newcomers with a fun time.

Now about serious business. With Kinsect Glide, you can get closer to your foes in an instance. That will activate the Glaive combo. This one deals pretty good damage overall. On top of that, there is Kinsect Slash which is a mid-fight combo. With this, you can easily absorb the extracts.

What will happen if your extracts run out? You do not have to worry about that as you already have Awakened Kinsect Slash. This one is a Silkband Attack that will consume all the extracts. Play this ace when you feel like your extracts are about to fade.

8. Light Bowgun

This bad boy here knows how to fire from a distance. As there is a handful of these, peeps tend to go for the close-ranged ones.

There was some physical castration in this weapon that nerfed its firepower quite a lot. Even after that, you can use Tune Up to improve the stats.

The new addition was the Critical Firepower. It will shorten the distance between you and your foe, along with increasing the damage by several folds. Be careful with that as you will be very close to your foes.

And then the drawbacks. Only a handful of bullets will fit into this even though Light Bowgun will give the maximum output, no worries about that.

9. Bow

This would’ve been the most powerful of all, but in Sunbreak, Devs did an “oopsie” and severely castrated the prodigy. Now, the shell remains to tell the story.

You might want to know about the Bolt Boost at first. It shortens the distance and boosts the damage several folds. But be careful with that as you are also in the grasp of your foes. So you need to time it perfectly.

As you can execute multiple hits with just one attack, Bow primarily focuses on Elemental Damage. Moreover, charge levels and coating have many options to choose from.

Even with the complications, Bow could be a good choice for Co-op missions and rank quests. But at first, play with the utensils before you actually start cooking.

10. Gunlance

Gunlance should be in the first row if there is a talk about improvement. There is some new addition of skillsets in the latest update.

Whether you play defensive or offensive, Switch Skill is the one you need to change the gameplay in mid-game. Moreover, there are a variety of options to choose from.

On top of that, you will be getting additional mobility with Reverse Dash. Simply just dash the hell away whenever you feel threatened. This goes really well with Bullet Barrage, which unleashes your fully loaded arsenal with a big blast. We can only imagine how much damage can be dealt with this.

Even with all these skill sets, I would still suggest equipping it only in co-ops. As there might be a feeling of inconsistency, you should probably set it aside for monsters and wait till your friends get on the field.

11. Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield or the “Katateken” focus on elemental damage to execute the maximum amount of damage that can be dealt. Even being one of the most balanced weapons, it might get some backward push because of defense in Monster Hunter.

The Sheild Bash can deal stun damage. For that, you need to go in closer proximity to your foes. The point to be noted is that it is the newest Silkbind Attack that Sword and Shield have received.

Moreover, there was hype about the Switch Skill, which turned out to be quite a disappointment. Well, these do some significant damage, but comparing others, there should’ve been more things in the bag. Well, at least stabbing the monsters is easier than ever.

12. Hammer

Hammer here knows how to deal some good damage while keeping up the good status from its ancestor. It will definitely make you feel like that Shiba-ino is doing some bonkai damage.

Let’s start with the Spinning Bludgeon. By charging, you can execute multiple attacks worth level 3. Moreover, it will give out the maximum damage on every swing you produce. It will also maintain your hammer’s charge level. Well, you can even use it to reposition yourself.

From burst upon impact can give out stun damage to the monsters. Moreover, the stun value can be increased across the board to keep the hammer on top of the stun damage chart.

13. Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun comes with some new upgrades in Sunbreak. However, the damage might decrease slightly, whereas the recoil went up high.

Anyway, you can tune things up with Tune Up to lessen the castration damage done in the Heavy Bowgun. Well, you do need to invest in Tune Up to observe significant results.

Moreover, there is this new Silkbind attack. It will enable you to stay under the radar while shooting continuous shots. It might feel like crouching, and that is how it got the name Crouching Shot. That has nothing to do with your crouch. However, it is very limiting. On top of that, this skill did not provide any mobility. How many more drawbacks do you want?

14. Lance

There are few skills to talk about, yes, but being one of the underpowered stat weapons made the Lance less valuable to talk about in Monster Hunter. No hatred, though.

Even in the base games of Monster Hunter, Lance was underappreciated with the dealt damage. So in the latest update, a buff was introduced. Yes, there is an upgrade now, but still, compared to others, it is still mediocre.

Some new Switch Skills were introduced as well, like Shield Tackle. It can do stun damage. Moreover, the Skyward Thrust deals damage only on wide monsters. That is a big red flag. You will also have Sheathing Retreat, which will eventually slow down gameplay.

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