Best Weapons in New World: Ranking all the Weapons for PvP and PvE

We will be ranking all the best weapons in New World for both PvP and PvE so that you can prepare better.

Amazon’s New World introduces some unique combat and leveling system in their MMO. Unlike most MMORPGs, New World focuses on character development through grinding and leveling up your weapons. Hence, every weapon in the game offers a lot of skills and abilities to unlock and master. But some of them provide more use than others in different circumstances.

How many weapons are there in New World?

As of now, there are 11 weapons of varying uses and a huge range of skills and abilities. A player’s skills are leveled up heavily depending on the weapons they use. One has to think wisely about the types of build they want.

All the weapons in New World

1) One-Handed

  • Swords and Shields
  • Rapiers
  • Hatchets

2) Two-Handed

  • Spears
  • Great Axes
  • War Hammers

3) Ranged 

  • Bows
  • Muskets

4) Magical

  • Fire Staves
  • Life Staves
  • Ice Gauntlets

Best Weapons for PvP in New World

  • Best (S-tier): Hatchet, Ice Gauntlet, Rapier, Life Staff, One-Handed Sword and Shield
  • Good (A-tier): Bow, Fire Staff, Spear, Warhammer, Great Axe
  • Average (B-tier): Musket


Although not the fanciest, it is certainly one of the strongest weapons in-game especially for PvP. The Spring Attack in addition to the combo of Berserk and Raging Torrent can easily break through enemy armor. Hatchet combined with passive healing can make it unstoppable as it is very hard to counter with its stagger-preventing traits of Berserker.

Ice gauntlet

The Ice gauntlet is possibly the most op weapon in New World PVP. Its Ice Shower will almost always damage opponents. When combined wisely with other weapons, the Ice gauntlet is unstoppable, it can be used to stun, slow, and hence exert great damage.


Rapier’s quick thrusting, damaging and bleeding attacks make it one of the strongest weapons in the game. Although it takes some practice to master this slender sword.

Life Staff

Life Staff is what you would expect from it, combines several healing and boosting abilities to give your allies the edge they need. But one needs to practice the combos and timing right.

Sword and Shield

A well-balanced weapon set. Great for beginners just starting New World. The Sword and Shield’s abilities like Final Stand and Final Countdown can reduce damage taken. Additionally, it offers healing abilities too, so that you can stand your ground efficiently.


The Bow is a perfect long-range weapon for players wanting to exert long-term damage as well as stat-boosting. On the other hand, it takes a while to master aiming and ability combos.

Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is another great ranged weapon. It deals immense AoE damage with its different skills as well as individual damage. The Fire Staff can only scale by increasing intelligence, so some sacrifices have to be made.

Great Axe

Although Great Axes can deal damage to multiple targets and offer a good deal of self-healing. Its slow speed and reliance on certain abilities make it hard to wield for most players. Most abilities can also be easily interrupted. Not bad but not too fun to play either. Although its grapple and charging attack can be used for a nice beating. It can be easily outplayed if not used wisely.


The Spear is a great option for technical users but not the perfect choice for players looking for flat damage. Spear’s most abilities produce debuffs on enemies which can be combined to make the weapon deadly. Hence, it takes a lot of practice, especially in PvP.

War Hammer

The War Hammer has the most base light attack damage in-game but also the slowest. Sounds like a bad trade-off but its defense buffs and stun ability can be combined with other weapons to make it too deadly. Especially with Ice Gauntlet or even Fire Staff.


The Musket is a good weapon, but it is heavily based on specific circumstances. You need to settle onto good position and angles for maximum effect. On the other hand, you are almost powerless when enemies close up on you and start combo-ing their abilities.

Best Weapons for PvE in New World

  • Best (S-tier): Bow, Fire Staff, Warhammer, Life Staff.
  • Good (A-tier):  Rapier, Spear, Ice Gauntlet, One-Handed Sword and Shield
  • Average (B-tier): Hatchet, Musket, Great Axe


For PvE Bow is a go-to weapon in any game, not only New World. Its ranged, AOE, and poison attacks can dominate large crowds.

Fire Staff

Just like the Bow, the Fire Staff dominates PvE too with its wide range of AOE attacks, which can be used to deal greater damage than the bow does.


Unlike PvP, the slow speed of Warhammer does not matter. You can focus on dealing damage to crowds of foes with its multiple target damaging attacks, stunning abilities. Stuns can also be used to combo with teammates.

Life Staff

Probably the most important and must-have weapons in PvE, one needs to stand guard and support your teammates when fighting hordes of enemies.


Like PvP, Rapier can be used to combine bleeds, debuffs, and quick damage too. Furthermore, its quickness can be made use of to kill many enemies in a short span.


The Spear is best used when teamed up with the Rapier, their combo of the debuff, bleed and enhancements are a force to be reckoned with.

Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet works best when used in coherence with other weapons and mates. Not a bad choice but does not provide many options when used on its own in PvE. Its defense and mana regeneration abilities work well when used tactically. But when there is the Bow or Fire Staff dishing out easy damage, the Ice Gauntlet seems like too much work.

One-Hand Sword and Shield

Same as in PvP, its defensive buffs and healing abilities prove a deciding factor when you beat down enemies after enemies in PvE.


Hatchet in PvE is a useful choice, but it requires a lot of scaling and gear to be fully effective. It takes a while to unlock but its abilities can be deadly when used in good combos along with speed buffs.


A musket is a great option for PvE as it can stop enemies from great range. But one has to be always wary and not be too isolated. As musket wielders can easily be overwhelmed by a few enemies up close.

Great Axe

The Great Axe’s damage capabilities are not too suitable for PvE, although there are a few abilities that come in handy in open-world combat. There are just better options out there.

Can you upgrade weapons in New World?

Although there are no straightforward or generic upgrading weapons in New World. The scaling of weapons is done through Weapon Mastery. There are 38 skills for each weapon. You gain Master XP when you kill enemies. As master levels up you unlock up to 19 skill points, which you can use to unlock abilities for that weapon.

Best way to level weaponsmithing in New World

Weaponsmithing in New World takes a bit of time and some patience to go through with it. You have used various metals and materials to craft different weapons.

To get started, don’t forget to pick up any materials you find, especially iron. They are best found at large stone formations, mountains, rocks in caves and hollows, quarries, or mines. Using the Iron Mining Pickaxe is a good way to pick up those sweet iron ores faster.

Furthermore, other gathering skills except fishing needs to be upgraded to increase weaponsmithing in New World.

Use these iron ores to craft as many iron weapons as you can. Especially  Iron Rapier, the Iron Round Shield, or the Iron Longsword. They use lesser ores but still gives a good amount of weaponsmithing points. Meanwhile larger weapons like Iron Great Axe consumes more Iron ores but gives slightly increased points. So it’s up to you to balance out. After crafting these, salvage them to get back some of the iron ingots back. Hence can be re-used.

Once you level up your gathering, mining, and smithing skills, you can harvest magic plants such as the Fire Motes from Dragon Glory. You can also use these to craft other times such as a Homing Block that adds some points to weaponsmithing. Even though they are relative points rewarded, they do not use your ores or ingots which can be used for later or other items.

As you level up you can harvest and mine and therefore create stronger and rarer weapons to further increase your weaponsmithing. But for the most part, the iron ore grinding is a sure shot method especially early on.

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