Best Weapons in Far Cry 6: Ranking from Worst to Best

We rank the best weapons in Far Cry 6 so that your journey on Yara is better than ever.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 offers a huge number of crazy guns to choose from. Makeshift guns to the top of the line to classic weapons, the game offers everything to make your Dictator overthrowing experience a wild one. In the country of Yara, you have the selection of the usual weapons of SMGs, Launchers and etc. Additionally, you can also find unique weapons that are a notch above the rest. Some of them are called Unique Weapons including a higher-tier of weapons called Resolver Weapons.

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Unlike the earlier entries, Far Cry 6 does not have a skill tree. Instead different stat boosts and perks come from weapon and armor customization. That being said, the game has great weapon customization which allows you to make your own signature arsenal of deadly guns.

Far Cry 6 have 8 weapon types they are:

  1. Rifles
  2. Shotguns
  3. SMGs
  4. LMGs
  5. Sniper Rifles
  6. Resolver Weapons
  7. Bows
  8. Launchers

Each of these types has unique weapons with some over-the-top or satirical name and devastating firepower.

All the weapons in Far Cry 6


  • FAL
  • 45/70-T
  • AK-47
  • MS16 S
  • AK-M
  • AS VAL
  • M16 A1
  • BP-RUC
  • BP-2
  • AR-C
  • MS16 L
  • SKS
  • SSGP-58

Unique Rifles

  • Camo Quinceañera
  • Fuck Antón
  • Sharkbite
  • Viva Libertad!
  • Death Rites
  • HI-FI
  • Surf & Turf
  • Vaya Con Dios
  • One Ping Only
  • Noblesse Oblige
  • Urushi
  • Zona-51

Submachine Guns

  • BP-SMG
  • BZ19
  • MP40
  • MP5K
  • MP34
  • PPSH-41
  • MP7

Unique Submachine Guns

  • Smokebox Silvia
  • Iron Curtain
  • Turn of the Century
  • Streamline Moderne
  • DIY Death
  • The Heroic End


  • MG21
  • RPD
  • M60 NV
  • M249
  • MG42

Unique LMGs

  • Sink or Swim
  • The Chainsaw
  • Crackle & Pop

Sniper Rifles

  • Yaran SR-A
  • .308 Carbine
  • SVD
  • MBP .50

Unique Sniper Rifles

  • El Depredador
  • Sobek Special
  • Double Clutch
  • El Tirano
  • The Transubstantiator


  • 1887 Sawed-off
  • M133
  • SBS
  • SPAS-12
  • KSG
  • RMS-18
  • Supercharger
  • Com.pew.ter

Unique Shotguns

  • Humidora
  • El Rubi
  • Ciervo Macho
  • The True Loyalist
  • Excavation Execution

Resolver Weapons

  • Tostador
  • El Susurro
  • Zeusito
  • El Muro
  • La Clavadora
  • El Pequeño
  • La Sorpresa
  • La Varita
  • Pyrotechno
  • El Besito


  • Recurve Bow
  • Compound Bow

Unique Bows

  • Bullseye
  • El Capirote


  • M-79
  • RPG-7
  • MGL-6
  • RAT4

Unique Launchers

  • La Guaracha
  • El Caballero
  • La Petite Mort
  • Into Orbit

Top 7 Best Weapons in Far Cry 6

We already know Far Cry 6 has no limits when it comes to weapon choices and customizations. Among these, there are a few guns in the game that is so destructive, it turns you into an unstoppable force going on a rampage.

7. La Clavadora

Best Weapons  Far Cry 6

This crossbow shoots a massive harpoon that kills enemies in your line of sight in a single shot. Mostly. On the other hand, its killing power is often outweighed by its slow use. It has to reload after every shot which takes some time, additionally, it is a heavy weapon. So it won’t come in handy when you are surrounded by a bunch of enemies.

6. Crackle & Pop

Best Weapons  Far Cry 6

Crackle & Pop shoots blast rounds that work well against armor and vehicles. This LMG has an extremely high fire rate than pump enemies full of bullets in a second but this huge gun is cumbersome as well as offers very small damage compared to other guns. If you gun balance all the pros and cons, the Crackle & Pop is a scary weapon to wield.

The Crackle & Pop is found at Esperanza. Reach the El Rayo Cinema and climb the ladder located at a building east of the Cinema. The LMG is waiting for you in a chest at the roof of this building

5. Supercharger

Best Weapons  Far Cry 6

Arguably the best shotgun in Far Cry 6, the Supercharger will blow off enemies in one shot when fired from close range but like all shotguns in video games its damage decreases with distance, but it doesn’t mean it is too weak in close to mid-range either. Additionally, the attached suppressor gives this gun a stealthy touch. Hence, offering both firepower and stealth.

The Supercharger is found in a container that can be accessed using a crane at the GDP Oil Platform.

4. El Tirano

The perfect gun for marksmen. El Tirano offers high damage and maximum velocity. This means this Sniper Rifle, can take down the heaviest foes in one shot, from the longest of ranges. It is as powerful as it is fun to use.

The El Tirano is sitting there at the top of a lighthouse located at Escila Fort which is at the northernmost point of Valle De Oro territory. You have to grapple to reach the top.

3. Compound Bow (Blast Arrows)

The Compound Bow can use blast arrows that, as the name suggests, blow up anything that it attaches to. This exploding arrow deals heavy damages to all types of enemies, vehicles as well as deals great area damage. Equip a good scope and you can blow up enemies from afar without breaking a sweat.

To obtain this weapon you need to build and fully upgrade the Guerrilla Garrison facility at any one of the three major Guerrilla camps. You can then purchase it from there using Pesos

2. MP7

Although MP7 has always been a popular as well as a strong weapon choice in any shooting game. However, Far Cry 6’s MP7 is one of the most deadly weapons in the game. It has perfect accuracy and great handling. Shots will hardly miss when you use this. Furthermore, when combined with different attachments to boost ammo capacity, damage, the MP7 SMG becomes truly overpowered.

The MP7 is also obtained by purchasing it from fully upgraded Guerrilla Garrisons.

1. La Varita

Best Weapons  Far Cry 6

La Varita is by far the most overpowered and one of the best weapons in Far Cry 6, if not the best. It truly stands up to its Resolver weapon status. It has a full damage stat and is powerful enough to shoot through walls. Furthermore, when using Triador’s see-through walls ability, no one can hide from you or your monster of a rifle.

It is obtained by completing the Triada Relics treasure hunts, along with the Traido Supremo Backpack.

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