Best Weapon in Neon White: Every Weapon Ranked from Worst to Best

Learn about the best weapon cards in Neon White and get to know which suits you better to finish off the game.

Neon White has made it through to PC and Switch. The soundtracks are more appealing than the actual gameplay. Well, of course, I am not diminishing the gameplay. The stylish anime vibes in the game make it compatible with other top-notch games released so far in 2022. What you have to do throughout the game is, search for the fastest route to finish off the game. Well, you can record your speed run in the meantime.

Talking about weapons. You will run through some cards on your journey. Now, these cards are what hold the equivalency of a weapon. However, there is a catch. You will find a lot of guns that are not weapons. You have to discard those to get a random ability. To let you be at ease, let’s look at the weapon rank in Neon White.

Best Weapons in Neon White

9. Fists

You really should not worry about this one. Well, yes, but actually, no. Say you have 30 charges in your Katana. The average assumption is that’s all you need to finish the level. So, what happens after you finish up your charges? That is where you throw your Katana off and face the foes face to face with barehand.

Long story short, just restart the level, mate. Don’t waste time. Even Dante from DMC doesn’t dare to face the demons barehand. You should not dare as well. The description says the fists don’t do much damage. I say they don’t damage at all.

8. Katana

Talking about the slashing game, slashing doesn’t do any good. The anime vibes go well with Katana and other sword types. For Neon White, just set it aside for a while. There comes the trouble. You cannot set it aside as there are no moves that can make you discard the Katana.

About the Katana itself, it is fast, it is furious, but it doesn’t cut the way it should be. You are at a big disadvantage as the range is not even as long as your hand.

7. Stomp

Stomp here is a traditional guy. To talk about the attacks, there is no attack. The primary and secondary attacks are pathetic enough not to get counted in. You can compare it with shotguns that have optics. The shots are unpredictable as your chance of surviving that very level.

6. Elevate

From this point, you will be facing the real deals. Elevate is a handgun that has made its way up to the middle order. You will have a double jump as an extra perk that comes with this classic piece. But to use this as just the primary one will make you sweat a bit more than other times.

Range and damage are comparatively better than what we have faced till now—no need to worry about the fire rate. You are not going to get any better from the middle order. Your focus should be on the double-jump perk as you will come in close interaction with a secret pathway. Legend says the perk gets to be used more than the primary use: shooting.

5. Purify

Now the desserts are being served at least. Purify purifies the souls of the demons with bullets that come from an automatic nozzle. With the accuracy of a rifle, boss fights are not a challenge. Specifically, the first one can bid goodbye if a handful of Purify stays in your stash.

Moreover, you will get a sticky grenade in the secondary discard. Time it for perfect execution, and it can even blow up a herd of foes.

4. Godspeed

If you have come across this one already, you might or might not wonder why it deserved to be in the 4th place. The only sole reason is the clip size. Other than that, this is a top-notch item. The range and the damage can easily compete with a standard sniper rifle. Just clear out the are before you plan to plunder. After discarding it, you will get to do a horizontal dash.

3. Fireball

Fireball resembles that anime moment when a herd of foes try to get you together but at the last moment, with the power of friendship, you blast them all away. Well, this Fireball can be that “power of friendship.” The only difference is that there are no friends.

Learn to aim it in a precise way as that will impact multiple opponents at the same time. Only a single file is enough. However, the boss fights might need more than two files.

2. Book of Life

Other than just lacking the ability to get discarded, the Book of Life is deadly upon anyone who stands in the way. Moreover, with White Forward, you can close up with your foes occasionally.

The final boss that appears is a big fan of Book of Life. So, get prepared. Other than that, enjoy the surface with zero cooldown time.

1. Dominion

The rocket launcher, without a doubt, is the most deserving one to be placed at the top spot. To start with, it is a complete package with most of the powers from the previous weapons that we have discussed already. Instant death? In the bag already. Fly at a specific point? I thought you were using it already.

There is an interesting catch. Ever thought of reaching the top of the skyscrapers? Well, there are obviously some gifts up there. So, how to reach, you ask? Shoot some rockets into the ground and reach the top of the skyscrapers flying. Want to get around a large brick? Make use of the dominion once again.

There you go, mate. These are what we could gather for the weapon in Neon White. Enjoy the game, Prost!

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