Best Ways to Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 2

Are you looking for the best method to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 2? Rest assured, as you guide you through the most efficient ways to rank up in MW2 before Season 1 begins.

Call of Duty titles features a ranking system that lets people unlock in-game items as they progress through the ranks. The ranking system allows players to grind for their weapons and equipment. With Modern Warfare 2’s release, players are pushing up the ranks before season 1 begins.

However, ranking up can be a tedious process if not done efficiently. Currently, two methods of ranking up fast with the highest possible efficiency exist. Here we will try to guide you through these methods so that you can rank up the fastest way possible.

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How to Rank up Fast in Modern Warfare 2


The fastest method to rank up is playing the Invasion game mode. After queueing up for Invasion, as soon as the match begins, make sure to push forward through the outskirts of the map to the enemy HQ.

In the enemy HQ, waves of enemy AI will start arriving in helos and cargo choppers. Make sure to pick a weapon you want to use and eliminate them as soon as they start rappeling down. Moreover, each AI enemy gives around twice as much XP than eliminating regular players.

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Use the “Tactical Insertion” field upgrade for better spawn and saving time. Drop the insertion in a secluded area so you won’t be transported back to your spawn when you die.


The second method to rank up faster is by playing the Kill Confirmed game mode. Kill Confirmed stands out from other game modes, as players drop a dog tag when they die in that mode. So, if you kill an enemy, pick up that dog tag that gives you bonus XP, which counts towards your weapon and overall level.

Kill Confirmed
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Stay frosty, and hopefully, our level-up guide helps you speed through the ranks to get your hands on every weapon and equipment in-game. Check out our Call of Duty guides for more loadouts, tips, and tricks.

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