Best Ways To Protect Castles From Raids In V Rising

V Rising regions are filled with enemies and intruders ready to kill you at any moment! For this, you must keep your ears and eyes open. This guide will tell you the best ways to protect your castle.

As the Vampire Lord, you must save your castle from intruders. These intruders may harm you and your castle. That is why you should always be careful about them.

You can save your castle and protect it by doing a few essential things. But, first, you must defend your castle with your life. This is because your castle revolves around your life, and all of it depends on you.

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Best Ways to Protect Castle from Raids in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Best Ways to Protect Castle from Raids

To protect your castle from raids, you must:

Lure The Intruders Away

While you are sensing that somebody or a group is trying to attack your castle, you must lure them away in another direction to buy time. And after that, you can finally defeat them.

Create A Castle Mirage

Build a fake castle so that it will be the fake one when the intruders attack your castle!

Create Maze

Create a maze while building your actual castle so that if an intruder gets in, they get lost in the court, and you will have time to kill them.

Keep Your Soldiers Ready

Always keep your servants and soldiers in a stand-by mode to keep your castle safe from the raids of intruders and enemies.

Put Fake Items And Chests

You may also create fake items and chests like an artificial castle so the intruders cannot loot your natural and magical resources.

Best Ways to Protect Castle from Raids in V Rising
Credit; Stunlock Studios

These are the ways you can save your castle from raids! Best Of Luck!

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