Best Ways To Protect Against Seagull Attacks In Raft

In Raft, Seagulls will try to ruin your vegetables and other crops. Therefore, you must cast protection against these Seagulls in the game to survive. This guide will show you the best ways to protect against Seagull attacks in the game.

In the game Raft, you take on the role of a survivor in the middle of the ocean with just one specially made Raft. You can start from the beginning when building your Raft and earn materials to spend on more supplies to live. You can catch fish in this game and filter drinking water to keep yourself alive.

You will also be given challenges to finish. Additionally, you will receive rewards and much more as you complete those challenges! In Raft, you can use Coins to purchase several unlocking methods. Sometimes, you will face trouble with Sharks and Seagulls in the game.

These Seagulls will try to hamper your Raft, and will also destroy the crops you are harvesting. So these Seagulls can be very much problematic. And you must always look out for them and get rid of them so that these seagulls can no more harm your crops.

How To Protect Against Seagull Attacks

These are some easy systematic ways by which you can create a protective barrier in your Raft against Seagulls.

These are the easiest methods you can use to get rid of the Seagull attacks:

Build Strong Structure

You may build strong structures like greenhouses, and you should harvest your crops in those little structures so the Seagulls cannot enter.

If you create these structures, you will be able to save your crops from getting ruined.

Best Ways To Protect Against Seagull Attacks In Raft
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

Always keep doors locked in these structures because the Seagulls might get in if they see the doors are open.


Best Ways To Protect Against Seagull Attacks In Raft
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

You can also create a Scarecrow to frighten the Seagulls. You should build these near your crops so that the Seagulls think that the Scarecrow is you, and the Seagulls may run away quickly.

To create this kind of Scarecrows, you may gather these items below:

  • Palm leaf 3x
  • Plastic 3x
  • Plank 5x
  • Nail 3x

You will find these items in,

  • Barrels
  • Boxes
  • Float some
  • Near an island
  • On ocean bed

    If there is more than one Seagull, you may create more scarecrows like to scare them away.


You can also get rid of the Seagulls with weapons like-

  1. Metal Spears
  2. Wooden Spears
  3. Bows and Arrows
  4. Stones etc.

You can create Metal Spear with;

  • Bolt 1x
  • Rope 2x
  • Metal Ingot 2x

You can also develop Bows with-

  • Bolt 1x
  • Plank 6x
  • Vine Goo 2x
  • Rope 4x
Best Ways To Protect Against Seagull Attacks In Raft
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

These are the easiest and the best ways you can follow to protect against Seagull attacks in Raft.

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